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Moved to Bequia

Yesterday our two daughters had left to return home. We were sad to have them leave, but rather than dwell on it, we decided to move. So, we spent a couple of hours getting cleared out of St. Lucia to … Continue reading

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Man Overboard Drills Prove Useful

As we were leaving The Pitons on Saturday morning, we had an errand to run on the way out. I had wanted to pay a tip to the guy who helped take Trisha and I get to the stables. I … Continue reading

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The Pitons – 360 Panorama

Before we left the Pitons, I was determined to take a 360 panorama. I decided the water was calm enough to attempt the 360 from the deck of Tahina. The setup involves a tripod, an SLR camera with a fisheye … Continue reading

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The Pitons

The Pitons are an amazing pair of volcanic mountains that sit on the SW edge of St. Lucia. Each mountain has huge steep cliffs jutting straight out of the water and ascending hundreds of feet to their tops. They are … Continue reading

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The Water Incident

Wednesday last week, we went ashore in Rodney Bay and did some last minute Christmas shopping. There’s a small mall within walking distance of a dinghy dock in the harbor. We spent a few hours first with the gift shopping, … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays from Tahina

Happy Holidays to everyone from Tahina in the Caribbean! We’re having a wonderful time with family, and we hope you are as well. We put up some more Christmas lights on Tahina on Christmas eve and lit up our part … Continue reading

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Hanging out on a Megayacht, The Reef – Photos

On Monday, we decided to go back to the beach Karen and I visited briefly on Sunday near the airport. The beach is east of Vieux Fort and is a really nice beach thanks to the protection of a reef … Continue reading

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Weekend Manuevers and Guests

We had a brief visit to Rodney Bay. We had intended to stay there for several days to await our daughter’s arrivals (two different days) and enjoy the ample facilities of modern shopping, dining, etc. However, on Friday evening while … Continue reading

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Take a Bite Out of Fish Feeding

For years, tourist beach destinations in Hawaii have supported the selling of fish food to attract fish when tourists snorkel or dive the reefs. Fish food, frozen peas, and other human food are not the normal part of the fish … Continue reading

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Now in St. Lucia, 360 Panorama of Iles Des Saintes

Today we sailed from Martinique to Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. We had a great sail even if it was only 25 nautical miles. We completed the trip in under 4 hours despite having to stay close-reached the entire way. We … Continue reading

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