Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo

Koala at Australia Zoo

Koala at Australia Zoo

We left Mooloolaba on Monday and sailed down to Manly (near Brisbane). The day before we left, we spent a day at the Australia Zoo. This is the zoo built and owned by Steve Irwin’s family. Images of Steve Irwin, and his catchy Aussie phrases, are all over the zoo. He is still an iconic symbol of Australian character to many people around the world.

The zoo has what you would expect – a lot of Australian animals. Especially crocs! And, they have a huge stadium called the Crocoseum where they put on a wild animal show – with crocs the center of focus. Animals from Africa and other parts of the world play a much lesser role at the zoo, but you get to see elephants, tigers, and other common zoo animals.

We especially enjoyed seeing the crocodiles. In fact, in the album below you can watch some video from when they fed one of their biggest crocs – called “Acco” – he had some fish and a pig’s head.

Here’s a photo album of our visit to the zoo. Also included are a few photos from our trip down from Mooloolaba towards Brisbane.

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We enjoyed our time at the zoo. But, we were a bit disappointed in the cost. It cost about $60 for each of us to get in the zoo. It has a unique flavor with Steve Irwin all over the zoo, and an emphasis on Australian animals. But, after visiting many large zoos in the US with far more animals and sights, we left wondering why we had to spend so much. And, we didn’t even take their other more private tours which are promoted heavily.

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  1. Tony Christian says:

    Hi Steve
    Yes $60 a head is ridiculous !
    Small correction – koalas are not bears!

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