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Gallery10581 photos in 294 albums
Photos from our fun times with s/v Salty Ginger and s/v Gromit and their family crews around the Abacos!
More Fun in the Abacos
2015-06-04, 76 images
Photos from our first week in the Abacos of the Bahamas. Scenes from Lanyard Cay, Pelican Cay, and Tilloo Cay from the beaches, anchorages, underwa
Abacos Part 1
2015-05-29, 24 images
A collection of photos from Flamingo Cays and Water Cays in the Ragged Islands south of Exuma, Bahamas. Included are photos from our boat Tahina, o
Ragged Islands
2015-05-19, 66 images
Pictures from our 2015 visit to BVIs and USVIs
Virgin Isles
2015-05-08, 24 images
Our friends Andy and Aliza visited us while we were at St. Lucia. We had a great time!
Friends Visit St. Lucia
2015-04-09, 22 images
Went on a hike on the southeast corner of St Helena with Chris and Fiona of s/v ThreeShips. We drove to the trail head at Bell Stone, and then walk
Great Stone Top Hike
2015-02-25, 13 images
Pictures from our visit to St. Helena. We sailed there from Africa on our sailing catamaran Tahina in mid-February 2015. It has huge cliffs on the
St. Helena
2015-02-23, 49 images
Pictures from our visit to Luderitz, Namibia and the diamond ghost town which is one of the main tourist attractions nearby.
Luderitz and Ghost Town
2015-02-20, 30 images
This album shows the wide variety of animal, reptile, insect, and bird species we saw durin our second visit to Kruger with our daughter Ren and he
Kruger Second Visit
2015-01-16, 155 images
Sightseeing in Cape Town with Ren and Patrick.
Cape Town Visitors
2015-01-13, 37 images
Last set of photos from our first trip to Kruger Park with Trisha
Kruger Part 2
2014-12-25, 43 images
Our first two days in Kruger involved our driving through the park to Oliphant Camp, doing a night tour (where we saw a leopard!), going the next d
Kruger - Part 1
2014-12-23, 63 images
This was our first walk in the wild at Kruger with two park guides from Lataba Camp carrying guns. They had us walk single file and told us to be q
Safari Walk at Kruger
2014-12-23, 22 images
Frank had this amazing elephant encounter during a solo drive into the safar at Kruger park (while Karen and Trisha were napping).
Elephant experience
2014-12-23, 19 images
Our first night tour during our stay at Olifants camp. We had to use spotlights as we drove the roads in the dark. Frank spotted a leopard not far
Leopard Encounter
2014-12-23, 5 images
While at Kruger I was looking far up the river and spotted some crocodile just barely visible. Suddenly one made a flurry of movent and saw him kil
Crocodile Fish Kill
2014-12-22, 5 images
We went from Simons Town over the mountains to the coastline. We went by Long Beach and then to Hout Bay for lunch. Then we drove to the top of Sig
Signal Hill Trip
2014-12-14, 60 images
We managed to sail through the dramatic entrance to Knysna - a beautiful sheltered harbor, and charming tourist town, on the river that made the en
The Heads at Knysna
2014-12-08, 33 images
We visited the Hluhluwe/iMfolozi Game Park and the St Lucia iSiMangaliso Wetland Park on a 3 day trip from Richards Bay. These were our first ever
African Safari Wildl...
2014-10-23, 79 images
We took a guided night tour and the highlight for sure was the pride of lions we found near the road. There were a magnificent male and female, ano
African Lion pride a...
2014-10-20, 14 images
Pictures of our trip down and visit to Mahajanga, which is one of the largest coastal towns in Madagascar. We went to the city to do a last provisi
2014-09-15, 18 images
We only had the morning to explore Moramba, but what a great time! We saw lots of wildlife (birds, eagles, fish, rays, lemurs, turkeys, and more),
Moramba Bay
2014-09-13, 39 images
After leaving Nosy Be, we stopped at Russian Bay for a night. The next day we sailed first to Nosy Iranja for lunch - most awesome beaches! Then we
Russian Bay to Baram...
2014-09-12, 25 images
We sailed to Komba to go on a guided tour with Lemurs, beautiful anchorage, and lemurs that sit on your shoulder for hand feeding/pictures! Went al
First Lemurs at Komb...
2014-09-04, 88 images
Pictures from our days at Crater Bay and Hellville on Nosy Be in Madagascar
Crater Bay and Hellv...
2014-08-31, 16 images
Sakatia and First Tr...
2014-08-29, 14 images
Photos from our sail around the top of Madagascar (Cap d'Andre) and our stop at Nosy Hara which is a beautiful high-cliff island and a National Par
Cape Rounding and No...
2014-08-23, 55 images
A sample of the snorkeling at Nosy Hara
Snorkeling Nosy Hara
2014-08-23, 10 images
Diego Suarez
2014-08-18, 51 images
Pictures of our visit to Sainte Marie, Madagascar
Sainte Marie Madagascar
2014-08-13, 24 images
This album shows photos from our trip to the cirques of Cilaos on the island of Réunion. One of the most spectacular volcanic mountain regions we
Cilaos Reunion
2014-08-02, 21 images
Our first cirque near Le Port in Reunion on the road up to Dos D'An. Karen decided she wanted to take the walk to the Cap Noir viewpoint. She lik
Cap Noir Reunion
2014-08-01, 16 images
Images from our visit so far to Mauritius including some of the main sightseeing destinations.
Mauritius Sightseeing
2014-07-11, 53 images
Photos from the island of Rodrigues which is part of Mauritius. One of the highlights is the tortoise reserve where they are trying to bring back l
2014-06-06, 49 images
Underwater photos from "The Rip" off Direction Island in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands - located in the Indian Ocean 600 miles southwest of Jakarta.
The Rip Underwater
2014-05-17, 32 images
Photos taken from a kite with a remote control camera rig and an GoPro Hero
Kite Aerial Photos a...
2014-05-17, 6 images
Miscellaneous photos of Cocos Islands on better weather days.
Cocos Sightseeing
2014-05-16, 26 images
Pictures from our visit to the Phang Nga islands - a magical place in Thailand. Site of "James Bond Island" - the island where "The Man With the Go
Phang Nga and James ...
2014-02-16, 58 images
Miscellaneous photos from cruising in Thailand
Thailand Phuket Area
2014-01-31, 19 images
Start of our cruising in Thailand - Ko Lipe to Ko Lanta.
Thailand Cruising
2014-01-09, 15 images
A few photos while at Rebak Marina over the Christmas/New Year holidays
Reback Marina and Re...
2014-01-05, 19 images
Angkor Thom is a large area with many temples, a royal palace, and other facades and sculptures.
Angkor Thom
2013-12-19, 64 images
Banteay Srei is also known as "The Lady Temple". It is a beautiful pink-colored temple with exquisite carvings. It's a 35km ride outside Siem Rea
The Lady Temple
2013-12-18, 33 images
Pictures from our visit to Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia
Angkor Wat
2013-12-18, 54 images
Angkor Thom is a beautiful site with trees overgrowing the ruins. It is also the site where Lara Croft was filmed in Cambodia. The one where she
Ta Prohm
2013-12-18, 25 images
Pictures of our new NMEA 2000-based Navico (B&G and Simrad) boat systems, and using the system off Android and OpenCPN.
Tahina's New Navigat...
2013-10-20, 5 images
A few shots of our new products arriving.
Lightning Project Pa...
2013-10-04, 9 images
A few shots of our project to start removing old parts and document what we removed for insurance.
Lightning Project Ph...
2013-09-28, 8 images
The crew of s/v Totem have a family tradition of holding an annual special rummy card tournament. Tahina hosted the Pan Pacific version of the tour
Card Tournament
2013-08-30, 10 images
2013-08-25, 39 images
Pictures of our visit to Palau Redang on s/v Tahina. Awesome anchorage, nice resort, great beaches, and great diving/snorkeling around the island.
Palau Redang
2013-08-10, 62 images
Prambanan Temples
2013-07-18, 28 images
2013-07-15, 33 images
Pangkor Boatyard
2013-07-09, 50 images
New Awnings
2013-06-29, 5 images
These are some photos during our stay on Sentosa Island in Singapore at the One° 15 Marina. A few photos of the Sentosa Resort and it's large merl
Sentosa Island in Si...
2013-04-10, 29 images
Screen shots showing how we turned parts os Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia green in Ingress on the same day.
Singapore Green
2013-04-06, 7 images
Pano Test for G+
2013-03-19, 1 images
A few photos of sightseeing in Singapore before Chinese New Year, Year of the Lion/Snake
Singapore Early Febr...
2013-02-07, 47 images
This is the "night" market in Gelang Patah, Johor, Malaysia. A weekly event on Tuesday nights where you can get fresh cooked food and produce. Ther
Night market
2013-01-25, 4 images
Views of Kuala Lumpur including visit to KL Tower, Petronas Towers, and more
Kuala Lumpur
2013-01-10, 43 images
Pictures from our crossing to Singapore and sightseeing there
2012-11-05, 53 images
A few photos of our visit to Belitung
2012-10-24, 13 images
Pictures of our visit to Bali, Indonesia
2012-10-09, 121 images
Scenes of Lombok mostly from our 1-day tour there. We really enjoyed this tour and Lombok
2012-10-08, 81 images
Amazing diving and snorkeling here
Gili Lawa Laut and D...
2012-10-05, 75 images
Photos from our visit to Rinca (pronounced Rincha) Island where we saw Komodo Dragons and more.
Dragons at Rinca
2012-09-30, 54 images
These are photos of our passage to Kupang, our arrival, and a few of the sights we saw in Kupang
Trip to Kupang
2012-09-26, 41 images
A few shots while we were in Darwin - we were so busy preparing to leave, we didn't take a lot of pictures.
2012-09-20, 10 images
A few photos from our 1090 nautical mile, two week, passages to Darwin. We stopped at Lizard Island, Margaret Bay, Seisia, and Gove on the way.
Cairns to Darwin
2012-09-12, 79 images
Lizard Island
2012-06-30, 40 images
Shots from snorkeling at Lizard Island. First at the Giant Clam "farm" next to the anchorage. And then by Horshoe Reef in the lagoon.
Snorkeling Lizard Is...
2012-06-28, 45 images
Pictures of our ride on the gondola, visit to Kuranda village, and the ride back by train to Cairns.
Kuranda Trip
2012-06-20, 37 images
This time we did a whirlwind tour of the Whitsundays with our daughter before leaving to head north. We did some scuba dives this time and saw som
Whitsundays Dives
2012-06-16, 46 images
A few shots from our walk to the forts on Magnetic Island. Including the koala we saw off the trail there.
Magnetic Island
2012-06-15, 7 images
Pictures from our first trip to the Whitsundays with the Horch family.
Whitsundays Part II
2012-06-09, 34 images
At the Whitsundays and on the Great Barrier Reef
Whitsundays - Part I
2012-06-04, 70 images
Our brief one-night stay at Lady Musgrave. A beautiful place with reportedly good snorkeling. It rained overnight and forecasts were for worse la
Lady Musgrave
2012-05-21, 11 images
Re-installing the freshly galvanized anchor and chain at Bundaberg Port Marina. It doesn't get easier than having a fork lift deliver it right to
Anchor and Chain Gal...
2012-05-20, 5 images
Our trip north from Port Stephens was pretty wild. The winds built to 30-35 Knots with seas 4-5 m. Some photos from the passage, and a series sho
Wild Ride
2012-03-18, 17 images
A few photos as we left Port Stephens starting with some last shots while at Soldiers Point, then Broughton Island. Awesome sunrise as we departed
Departing Port Stephens
2012-03-16, 26 images
A few photos from our visits to Melbourne
2012-03-09, 19 images
A few photos from our first day in Tasmania driving from Devonport to the Freycinet National Park at Coles Bay.
Tasmania Day 1
2012-03-04, 29 images
We visited the Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia. An interesting zoo where you can drive, walk, or bike from exhibit to exhib
Western Plains Zoo
2012-02-24, 48 images
A few photos from our road trip to Dubbo from Soldiers Point.
Trip to Dubbo
2012-02-23, 15 images
A few photos from our visit at Soldiers Point, Port Stephens in Australia.
Soldiers Point
2012-02-21, 16 images
As often happens when we go to see, a pod of dolphin joined us on our way out of Broken Bay up the coast of Australia. About 20 were dancing back
Dolphin Dancing
2012-02-14, 10 images
A few shots from our brief visit to Katoomba it he Blue Mountains. The main sight we saw was the Three Sisters.
Blue Mountains
2012-02-13, 23 images
Our friends from s/v Stray Kitty came to Sydney to visit and stayed on Tahina. They had just sold their boat and are doing some travel before head
Stray Kittys Visit T...
2012-01-18, 14 images
We got to watch the New Year's Eve fireworks in Sydney Harbour from our boat. Amazing!
Sydney New Year's Fi...
2011-12-31, 24 images
We took photos of the start of the 2011 Sydney Hobart from the north end of the Sydney Harbour (just east of North Head). We were sitting on some
Sydney Hobart Race S...
2011-12-26, 16 images
Shots from our visit to Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia
Taronga Zoo
2011-12-26, 55 images
Photos from our first time to sail into Sydney Harbour. It was a cloudy day, but I used some HDR techinques to help make the photos interesting. Th
Entering Sydney Harbour
2011-12-16, 60 images
While at the end of last month, I took some pictures of a sunrise while sailing at sea. I just got around to processing the photos and realized I
Two Suns
2011-12-11, 5 images
Stop in Manly
2011-11-29, 19 images
These are our photos from visiting Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo, and also a few shots from our passage down to Brisbane
Australia Zoo
2011-11-19, 33 images
A few photos from our trip down to Mooloolaba, and of the town and beach
Down to Mooloolaba
2011-11-18, 28 images
PIctures from our visit to Fraser Island where we rented a 4WD vehicle. We saw the shipwreck of Maheno, the Pinacles, Eli Creek, and some freshwat
Fraser Island Australia
2011-11-15, 48 images
2011-10-23, 69 images
We took a 15km hike on a part of the Grand Trail.
Grand Trail Hike
2011-10-09, 24 images
Pictures from our visit to Prony Bay up the river. We took some hikes to swimming holes, a meteor crater lake, and water falls. We also visited s
Prony Bay
2011-10-07, 63 images
Pictures from two visits to Ilot Mato in New Caledonia.
Ilot Mato
2011-09-30, 52 images
Trip to Ile Ua in the south lagoon of New Caledonia.
Ile Ua
2011-09-27, 30 images
More photos of our sightseeing around Iles des Pins.
More Iles des Pins
2011-09-24, 47 images
Pictures from our climb to N'Ga Peak at Iles des Pins. Great views!
Hiking N'Ga Peak
2011-09-20, 23 images
We took Tahina out to go visit an atoll to visit one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the Pacific - Ilot Nokanhui is just a tiny island in
2011-09-20, 20 images
Photos from the past two weeks in Noumea, New Caledonia. Our batteries were going bad, so we were in a marina for shore power. We spent time sigh
Sights and Repairs i...
2011-09-16, 51 images
Photos from our stay at Port Resolution on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu. This is where we anchored to go off and visit the Mt. Yasur volcano. You
Port Resolution
2011-09-10, 33 images
A few photos from our passage to New Caledonia, and photos from our first week here. We were parked at Port Moselle Marina. We visited the publis
New Caledonia - Part I
2011-09-06, 43 images
A few pictures from our stay in Port Vila and the area nearby.
More Vanuatu
2011-08-26, 23 images
We had the unique opportunity to get closer to an active volcano than anywhere else in the world. Almost too close for comfort. We first had to t
Mt. Yasur Volcano
2011-08-19, 62 images
Views from our passage to Vanuatu and of our visit to Aneityum
Passage and Aneityum
2011-08-10, 33 images
We took the kite to get some aerial photos from Mystery Island. I wanted to do a special shot for the family of s/v Stray Kitty. I had them lay i
Mystery Island Kite ...
2011-08-08, 4 images
Miscellaneous shots from our last days in Fiji. It includes snorkeling we did south of Malolo.
More Fiji
2011-07-30, 34 images
There are three pinnacle reefs just southwest of Malolo Island. A short dinghy ride from the Musket Cove anchorage. We dove on two of the pinnacl
Malolo Pinnacle Dives
2011-07-25, 79 images
A few pictures of our time at Musket Cove in Fiji. A great place for cruisers to hang out. The marina and resort cater to cruisers and let us use
Mustket Cove
2011-07-24, 16 images
Photos of our visit to Navadra (pronounced "Navandra") and Monuriki (the island where they filmed Tom Hanks deserted on "Cast Away").
Navadra and Monuriki
2011-07-23, 38 images
Pictures of our visit to Waya and the visit to the village of Yalobi.
Waya and Yalobi village
2011-07-15, 44 images
Pictures of the dolphin who visited us on our way to Yalobi village off southern Waya in Fiji. These guys were really playful, and one of them real
Waya Dolphin
2011-07-14, 19 images
Pictures of our trip down to Manta Ray Pass. We encountered Tahina's sister ship - s/v Sirius, another St. Francis 50 built the same year. We also
Manta Ray Pass
2011-07-13, 32 images
This album includes photos of our trip to Narewa Bay off the island of Niviti in Fiji. We first visited the village of Somosomo nearby to do sevuse
Narewa Bay and WWII ...
2011-07-11, 56 images
Pictures of our visit to Sawa-i-Lau in the Yasawas of Fiji. It includes photos of the village of Nabukeru and its school, the rock island of Sawa-
Our Visit to Sawa-i-lau
2011-07-10, 63 images
We visited an anchorage called Blue Lagoon which is near Turtle Island. There are several resorts in the area. Vodafone has 3G Internet available
Blue Lagoon and Diving
2011-07-09, 15 images
We anchored near the old resort off Nanunanu passage where we found s/v Jackster and s/v Stray Kitty. Awesome spot! We also went diving outside t
2011-07-08, 32 images
Scrapbook Photos
Scrapbook Photos
2011-07-06, 5 images
Namenalala - the dra...
2011-07-05, 71 images
Miscellaneous pictures from eastern Vanua Levu. Photos from Taveuni, Matagi, Namata Bay, Budd Reef (Yanuca), Cobia, and Rabi
Eastern Vanua Levu i...
2011-06-25, 81 images
It was a Fiji holiday weekend - in honor of Queen Elizabeth. We spent time cruising with other boats and discovering Silver Bay off the island of
Holiday Weekend
2011-06-14, 17 images
Photos from our Advanced Open Water dive course while we were in Savusavu, Fiji. We used the services of Capt Nemo Divers - Lino is the Dive mast
Dive Course
2011-06-10, 20 images
A few photos from the last week here in Vanua Levu.
Fiji Misc
2011-06-07, 14 images
Photos from our diving trips to Rainbow Reef near Viani Bay, off Vanua Levu in Fiji.
Rainbow Reef
2011-06-05, 33 images
Pictures of Savusavu, Fiji after our arrival sailing from New Zealand.
Savusavu in Fiji
2011-05-28, 26 images
Pictures of our passage from New Zealand to Fiji
New Zealand to Fiji ...
2011-05-27, 29 images
Tahina broke loose from her mooring while we were in town. Thank goodness for watchful cruisers who spotted her drifting away and organized a smal
Tahina Rescue
2011-05-26, 3 images
The day we moved Tahina back to the water at Norsand Boatyard. Finally!
Tahina Splashes
2011-05-10, 11 images
More shots during our month-long stay at the Norsand Boatyard in Whangarei, New Zealand.
Norsand Boatyard II
2011-05-08, 28 images
Here are a few random photos from projects in the boatyard during the past two weeks at Norsand Boatyard in Whangarei. Also, photos of other boats
Boatyard Pics
2011-04-21, 21 images
Pictures of Tahina at Norsand Boatyard on haul-out day and when up the mast.
Haul-out and Mast Shots
2011-04-08, 9 images
We took Tahina out for a sail for the first time in 5 months. We needed to make some fresh water with the watermaker, and we needed to just get ou
Weekend Sail
2011-04-02, 16 images
Pictures from Lake Taupo, Rotorua, Hobbiton, Mt. Manganui, Waihi Beach, and several places in Coramandel Peninsula. We got to see lots of cool clas
Lake Taupo to Auckland
2011-03-26, 37 images
This album has photos from our ferry ride from Picton-Wellington, visit to Wellington Zoo, Napier - the art deco town, the Orakei Korako Geysers, a
Ferry, Zoo, Art Deco...
2011-03-24, 78 images
Photos from our drives from Franz Josef up to the Golden Bay area. We particularly liked the Pancake Rocks along the west coast, Cape Foulwind, and
Golden Bay and more
2011-03-21, 63 images
Pictures from our half-day tour of Fox Glacier in New Zealand
Fox Glacier
2011-03-16, 33 images
Pictures from our Doubtful Sound full-day tour with Real Journey
Doubtful Sound
2011-03-13, 115 images
Our trip to Nugget Point and stops at waterfalls and the petrified forest along the way.
Nugget Point Trip
2011-03-09, 45 images
Pictures from our three day trip to Stewart Island
Stewart Island
2011-03-04, 76 images
This shows a few shots of our trip to Arrowtown, our jet boat ride at Shotover, our Gondola ride over Queenstown, and then the zipline back down.
Arrowtown, Shotover,...
2011-03-02, 38 images
A few photos from our visit to Lake Tekapo, Mt. Cook National Park, and on our way to Arrowtown.
Lake Tekapo to Arrow...
2011-02-26, 71 images
I jumped the original bungy jump site: Kawarau Bridge near Queenstown in New Zealand on 26-Feb-2011. Check it out!
Frank's Bungy Photos
2011-02-26, 12 images
This album is a subset of the 500+ photos taken during our air tour from Lake Tekapo, over other mountains and glaciers, to Franz Josef Glacier, Mt
Air Safari Tour to M...
2011-02-24, 77 images
Karen and I were sitting in the Cathedral Square when the 1PM earthquake happened. We saw the Cathedral tower collapse. We carefully walked out of
Earthquake Photos
2011-02-22, 23 images
This album shows photos of our backpacking trip on the Cass Lagoon trail in the Arthur's Pass area. We also took a five mile trip up to the Pinnacl
Cass Lagoon Backpacking
2011-02-20, 85 images
Photos from our trip to and from Akaroa on the Banks Peninsula just southeast of Christchurch. Beautiful volcanic mountains formed over 9 million y
Akaroa Trip
2011-02-15, 57 images
First a few shots from the Canterbury museum in Christchurch. Then photos from our trip to Hanmer Springs, over the Lewis Pass, and back over Arth
Lewis and Arthur's P...
2011-02-11, 116 images
Visits to Hagley Park and the Gondola, and Lyttleton. The Gondola was worth the visit - even though the clouds moved in right when we arrived at th
Christchurch II
2011-02-02, 24 images
We visited downtown Christchurch, had lunch, visited the Buskers Festival, and saw some sights.
Christchurch I
2011-01-27, 17 images
Panorama of the lagoon off the SW side of Huahine. Amazing lagoon water colors!
Huahine Lagoon
2010-12-05, 1 images
Pictures along the way as we sailed to New Zealand from Tonga. Includes photos of our stop at Raoul Island and the whales we saw there.
Passage to New Zealand
2010-11-11, 43 images
We had some albatross follow us for the last two days before our arrival to New Zealand. Mostly we saw the same two, but later there was at least
2010-11-08, 12 images
A select few photos from the beautiful islands of southern Ha'apai in Tonga.
Southern Ha'apai Sights
2010-11-01, 34 images
Just a small sample of shots of Ha'apai due to limited Internet access here.
Sights of Ha'apai
2010-10-27, 23 images
These are just a subset of photos from our last week in Vava'u in Tonga. More photos coming later.
Photos from Vava'u
2010-10-15, 147 images
Snorkeling at the Coral Gardens in Tonga. The most lively and colorful coral we've seen since Fakarava.
Coral Gardens of Tonga
2010-10-06, 27 images
Photos from the two races during the Regatta Vava'u 2010 in Tonga. Note: boat names are tagged in most of the photos.
Regatta Vava'u 2010 ...
2010-09-24, 90 images
Pictures from Tahina during the "Friendly Island Yacht Race" on Friday, September 24, 2010. Tahina took first place in multihull and 5th place over
Friendly Island Yach...
2010-09-23, 11 images
From our whale-watching expedition off Tonga. We got to see a family of whales - mother, father, and baby calf.
Tonga Whale Watching
2010-09-21, 41 images
Views of Pago Pago anchorage, our car tour around the island, restaurant trip with cruisers, and lots and lots of days of rain.
Sights of American S...
2010-09-16, 60 images
This album has a bunch more photos of whales we saw, and the sights we saw as we toured Niue.
Niue Whales and Sigh...
2010-09-08, 89 images
Diving in Niue is all about caves. I went diving with Jack - skipper of s/v Anthem. Very little marine life or live coral were seen. There are lot
Diving in Niue
2010-09-04, 17 images
Sights of Niue
2010-08-29, 66 images
View of sights we saw in Rarotonga
Sights in Rarotonga
2010-08-22, 39 images
Aitutaki is a part of the Cook Islands and is an "almost" atoll with a beautiful shallow lagoon surrounding it. Tahina was anchored in a shallow ch
Sights of Aitutaki
2010-08-14, 53 images
Pictures from Bora Bora - Jewel of the Pacific.
Bora Bora
2010-08-06, 51 images
Pictures from a dive outside the reef of Bora Bora
Bora Bora Dive
2010-08-06, 12 images
We rented electric bikes to tour around the main island of Bora Bora.
Bora Bora Bike Tour
2010-08-04, 32 images
Some nice shots from our mast at anchor in Tahiti near Marina Taina. Also, some cool photos from snorkeling at the plane wreck site near the airpor
Tahiti Mast and Snorkel
2010-07-25, 13 images
Shots from our two days diving in Fakarava. Lots of sharks and groupers!
Fakarava Diving
2010-07-18, 39 images
A few photos of places we saw in Fakarava - a Tuamotus island in French Polynesia.
Sights of Fakarava
2010-07-18, 9 images
We watched the July 11, 2010 eclipse on the town dock of Hao. We happened to run into the two co-founders of Google who were there to watch as well
Eclipse 2010
2010-07-11, 15 images
Photos from our visit to Hao - an atoll in the eastern part of the Tuamotus. Hao was the site of a French Navy Base whose personnel at one point he
Sights of Hao
2010-07-09, 32 images
Last batch of photos from Gerard and Patti visiting with us in Moorea.
Moorea Part III
2010-07-07, 27 images
We did a tour of Moorea by quad ATVs and then went to a French Polynesia dance and dinner in the evening. It was a big day!
Moorea Wednesday
2010-06-30, 73 images
The first few days in Moorea with Patti and Gerard on board Tahina.
Moorea Part I
2010-06-28, 68 images
Pictures of our tour of Huahine
Huahine Tour
2010-06-24, 88 images
Profile Photos
2010-06-20, 3 images
The 2010 Tahiti Moorea Rendezvous included a race of cruising boats to Opanhu Bay from Papeete. Tahina actually held the lead for 1/3rd of the race
The Race to Moorea
2010-06-19, 42 images
Pictures from the festivities of the 2010 Tahiti Moorea Rendezvous
2010 Tahiti Moorea R...
2010-06-18, 43 images
Photos from three different dives at the Tikehau pass
Diving Tikehau
2010-06-14, 50 images
Pictures of sights on our way and while we were visiting Tikehau - an atoll in the Tuamotus of French Polynesia.
Tikehau Sights
2010-06-11, 56 images
Pictures of our dives and the anchorage at Rangiroa - an atoll in the Tuamotus of French Polynesia.
2010-05-30, 38 images
We did a late afternoon dive outside the Manihi pass, and saw lots of fish. It was a fun dive most 20-30 feet, so we actually had plenty of air le
Second Manihi Dive
2010-05-28, 28 images
This is a sample of the photos taken during the kite aerial photo shoot of the Manihi pass and village. We only got a small part of the northern s
Manihi Kite Aerial P...
2010-05-27, 14 images
This album starts with our passage to Manihi and shows various sights of the island while we were there.
Sights of Manihi
2010-05-27, 52 images
This was Frank's first night dive. Jason, an experienced night diver, was with Frank. Fernando spotted us from the surface with a flashlight whil
Night Dive Manihi
2010-05-27, 15 images
Fernando has his own family pearl farm. He took us to dive on the oyster pods and pick our own oysters. Then he took us to his processing huts and
Manihi Pearl Farm Tour
2010-05-26, 21 images
These shots were taken during our snorkel of the Manihi pass with local Fernando as our guide. First we did a drift into the pass with the tide com
Manihi Pass Snorkel
2010-05-24, 26 images
Hike to the dry water fall.
Nuku Hiva
2010-05-17, 68 images
Hiva Oa in the French Marquesas
Hiva Oa
2010-05-12, 97 images
Marquesas Passage
2010-05-10, 74 images
We did two scuba dives at Isla Tortuga near Isla Isabela in the Galapagos. A fabulous dive where we saw Hammerhead sharks, turtles and more. Check
Galapagos Dive 2 - T...
2010-04-22, 70 images
A few photos from the passage to Isla Isabela from Santa Cruz in the Galapagos. Also, some photos from the port of Villamil in Isabela.
Isla Isabela Passage
2010-04-21, 12 images
We took an all day tour up to a huge volcano crater (second largest in the world) on Isla Isabela in the Galapagos. It involved a rigorous several
Isabela Volcano Tour
2010-04-21, 31 images
Santa Cruz
2010-04-20, 34 images
We took our dinghy over to this park near the anchorage. Lots of tours are held here. Apparently you're supposed to have a guide, but we just walke
Tintoreras Park in t...
2010-04-20, 66 images
Our first dive in the Galapagos off Seymour Island. An ill-fitting name on the day we went because the visibility was only about 8 meters. But, w
Galapagos Dive 1
2010-04-15, 78 images
Photos from San Cristobal, Tahina's passage from San Cristobal, to Santa Fe, and to Santa Cruz - all in the Galapagos. Also photos during our excu
Heading to Santa Cru...
2010-04-14, 42 images
Pictures from our tour around the island of San Cristobal in the Galapagos.
San Cristobal Galapa...
2010-04-11, 103 images
Pictures from our passage to Galapagos from Panama sailing on Tahina.
Galapagos Passage
2010-04-11, 45 images
Pictures from our passage to and through Las Perlas, Panama
Passage to Las Perlas
2010-04-03, 51 images
We got a ton of provisions after trips to several stores in Panama City. We also got fuel and water and washed down Tahina at the marina on Friday
Last Big Provisioning
2010-04-02, 7 images
Shots while visiting the Panama City area and while at anchor in La Playita.
Panama City
2010-04-01, 24 images
2010-03-26, 19 images
Pictures from Tahina's Panama Canal Transit on 24/25 of March, 2010.
Tahina Panama Canal ...
2010-03-25, 128 images
On Saturday I joined s/v Songline to help them with their Panama Canal transit so I could learn what it was like. It was a great experience because
Songline's Canal Tra...
2010-03-21, 123 images
A few shots from Shelter Bay Marina in Colon, Panama. This includes some shots from a walk behind the boatyard in the jungle where old US military
Shelter Bay Marina
2010-03-20, 10 images
Photos of our visit to Isla Grande and our passage on to Colón.
Passage to Colón
2010-03-19, 18 images
Photos from our visit to the westernmost two islands of the West Holandes Cays in San Blas, Panama.
West Holandes Cays
2010-03-17, 74 images
A collection of underwater photos taken while snorkeling - mostly in West Holandes Cays, San Blas, Panama
Underwater Photos - ...
2010-03-15, 106 images
We moved over on 13-March from West Holandes Cays to Chichime Cays - still in the San Blas, Panama. There was no wind to speak of so we just motore
Chichime Cays
2010-03-13, 15 images
Photos taken while shooting aerial photos of BBQ Island, San Blas, Panama.
Kite Aerial Shooting...
2010-03-08, 25 images
Arriving to San Blas, photos from Swimming Pool anchorage, BBQ Island
San Blas I
2010-03-04, 48 images
More photos of Cartagena from the anchorage before we left, and as we departed on March 3rd.
2010-03-03, 13 images
Pictures of our visit in the beautiful historic old downtown of Cartagena, and our chance to visit the historic Teatro Heredia - a theater first bu
El Centro y Teatro H...
2010-02-28, 30 images
A few shots of our visit to the largest fortress in Cartagena, Colombia: Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas.
Castillo de San Felipe
2010-02-25, 10 images
Photos from Tahina's passage from Aruba to Cartagena, Columbia
Aruba to Cartagena
2010-02-21, 33 images
Valentine's Day - the final day of carnival in Oranjestad, Aruba
Carnival Parade in A...
2010-02-16, 46 images
This album contains many photos of our visit to Aruba. It starts with the Jeep Tour of Aruba including the lighthouse, chapel, coastline, visit in
Aruba Jeep Tour Plus
2010-02-15, 101 images
These are some photos as we traveled between Bonaire, Curacao, and Aruba. And a shot of me cleaning Tahina when we arrived in Aruba
ABC Excursions
2010-02-08, 29 images
Shots from the mast of Tahina while at Renaissance Marina in Oranjestad, Aruba. Will attempt a panorama from these.
Mast Shots Aruba
2010-02-08, 13 images
We visited the Bonaire Washington-Slagbaai National Park - a huge park on the north west part of Bonaire (13,500 acres). Lots of interesting sights
Bonaire Park
2010-02-04, 59 images
Underwater shots of our scuba dive off the back of Tahina in Bonaire. And, a shot of the boat kids playing Wii.
Bonaire Tuesday
2010-02-03, 38 images
A few photos of our mooring area in Kralendijk, Bonaire, the VideoRay ROV, and Karen working on our spray dodger.
2010-02-03, 6 images
Pictures from our sailing passage from Prickly Bay, Grenada (leaving at 10:30 AM 30-January-2010) and arriving in Bonaire (at 9:30 AM 01-February-2
2010-02-01, 18 images
Photos of removing Tahina's forestay/headsail. Shots from dinner on Tahina. And photos of the cruiser get-together at De Big Fish.
Prickly Bay 2
2010-01-29, 28 images
This album includes some shots of Prickly Bay taken while I was up the mast to replace the anchor light.
Prickly Bay, Grenada
2010-01-24, 10 images
We sailed down to Carriacou on January 20th, 2009. Along the way, we had a pod of dolphin join us. After clearing customs, we went to the nearby Sa
Sandy Isle
2010-01-22, 30 images
These photos of Tahina were taken while sailing into Bequia by professional photographer Kenmore of The fees are a bit pric
Tahina Sailing Shots
2010-01-18, 8 images
A few select shots from the beautiful Tobago Cays and Petite Tabac in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This is one of the best anchorages in the Car
Tobago Cays 2
2010-01-12, 14 images
Kite aerial photos of Petite Tabac - which is part of the Tobago Cays Marine Park in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
Petite Tabac Aerials
2010-01-11, 69 images
This is just a few shots from Tobago Cays. I'll be posting many more photos from here in the coming days. These shots go with our post entitled "
Tobago Cays - Quick ...
2010-01-08, 21 images
Photos from our visit to Mustique including our favorite beach "Macaroni Beach". Mustique is a private island with homes belonging to many rich and
2010-01-05, 8 images
These are shots from the dive in Bequia on January 3, 2010. Frank went with Mark of s/v Northfork. We dove on a reef along a ridge in the bay indic
Bequia Dive
2010-01-03, 21 images
Photos from our stay anchored in Admiralty Bay, Bequia. We were here for New Year's Even and stayed nearly a week. There were nearly 300 boats he
Bequia in the Grenad...
2010-01-01, 15 images
Photos of our visit to The Pitons, including underwater photos.
The Pitons, St. Lucia
2009-12-28, 21 images
My wife and daughter went on the zipline tour in St. Lucia and had a great time. Note: the position of these photos on the map is approximate.
Rainforest Canopy Zi...
2009-12-27, 13 images
Trisha and Frank went horseback riding near the Pitons in St. Lucia on Christmas Day. Started and finished at a plantation, went up through a rain
Horseback on Christm...
2009-12-26, 21 images
2009-12-23, 15 images
This album shows our arrival and first shots from St. Lucia including our passage down to Vieux Fort.
Arrival and First Ba...
2009-12-21, 14 images
Morning snorkel before departing Martinique. Interesting variation in coral vegetation at this location.
Underwater Grand Ans...
2009-12-18, 11 images
2009-12-18, 16 images
Pictures from our visit to Iles Des Saintes, Guadeloupe
Iles Des Saintes
2009-12-13, 24 images
A few shots during our visit to Basse Terre
Basse Terre, Guadeloupe
2009-12-12, 13 images
Pidgeon Island in Guadeloupe is inside the Jacques Cousteau Marine Park. The most incredible coral reefs I've seen to date. We dove and snorkel
Underwater Jacques C...
2009-12-07, 89 images
This album contains photos of our passage from Nevis to Pidgeon Island, Guadeloupe on December 4, 2009. Along the way, we passed the small island
Passage to Guadeloupe
2009-12-04, 74 images
Sightseeing at Nevis on Tuesday and Wednesday. Hamilton Museum and our taxi tour around the island.
Nevis sightseeing
2009-12-02, 46 images
Pictures from our sailing passage from St. Barts to Nevis -
Passage to Nevis
2009-12-01, 31 images
Tahina's Passage to and visit to St. Barts.
St Barts
2009-11-29, 51 images
A rock outcropping near Gustavia called Gros Ilets is a nice place to snorkel (or shallow dive). Here's some underwater shots I took while snorkli
Underwater St. Barts
2009-11-28, 15 images
A few shots of our visit in St. Martin. There are other photos in nearby albums.
St. Martin
2009-11-25, 11 images
Photos from our passage from North Carolina to St. Martin
2009-11-22, 67 images
2009-11-21, 28 images
2009-11-13, 3 images
Did some safety drills on Tahina - these photos show a "Man" overboard drill. The man was a lifevest in this case.
Safety Drills
2009-11-03, 7 images
How Tahina will capture aerial photography from a kite. Shows equipment and first attempts at flying the system.
Kite Aerial Photography
2009-10-08, 35 images
Shots from Beaufort anchorage and the passage from Beaufort to Carolina Beach on October 4th
Passage October 4
2009-10-04, 12 images
Final stages at the boatyard. Painting, waxing, results!
October 1 Boatyard
2009-10-02, 18 images
Showing prop work, hull cleaning
Boatyard September 29
2009-09-30, 8 images
Finished SSB, Satcom, and washer/drying almost done.
Boatyard September 24
2009-09-24, 6 images
Progress on SSB, Washer/Dryer, etc.
Boatyard September 23
2009-09-23, 18 images
Work on Tahina at the boatyard. Includes shots from the mast.
Boatyard September 17
2009-09-17, 14 images
Photos from our trip to deliver Tahina to Beaufort for haul-out. Stop at Cape Lookout for a day. Will geotag later.
2009-September Beauf...
2009-09-12, 39 images
New Rocna anchor for Tahina (40kg/88 lbs), and 400 feet of chain put in anchor well. So focused on the task at hand, I forgot to take pictures dur
New Anchor
2009-09-06, 8 images
Pig Pickin' Party at Joyner Marina
Joyner Marina Party
2009-08-15, 33 images
Moon in Google Earth...
2009-07-20, 18 images
A few pictures of our trip back to Carolina Beach
First Summer Sail - ...
2009-06-26, 9 images
We sailed Tahina up to Beaufort and Cape Lookout as our first summer sail.
First Summer Sail - ...
2009-06-25, 33 images
A few photos from our first official summer sailing. We sailed from Carolina Beach to Cape Lookout, North Carolina
First Summer Sail - ...
2009-06-21, 21 images
Went for a daysail and as usual put out some lines. Only, this time we had a nice catch! Beautiful Mahi Mahi bull...42 inches in length.
2009-06-15, 7 images
Sample of photos taken at wedding of Captain Tim and Jessica.
Marina Wedding
2009-06-14, 16 images
Shots of the new spray dodger for Tahina installed
2009-06-07, 4 images
A sample of the beauty of Yann Arthus-Bertrand's movie HOME. See more at:
HOME Screenshots
2009-06-05, 11 images
Photos showing removal and installation of new jib halyard. Several shots of Frank going up Tahina's mast.
2009-05-30, 13 images
Daysail with Dad - broke the jib halyard
2009-05-15, 9 images
Sightseeing and backpacking in Tucson with friends.
2009-05-03, 201 images
2009-04-13, 8 images
Just a day sail on a nice sunny day off the coast of North Carolina. We went out Carolina Beach Inlet, and back in at Masonboro Inlet (near Wright
Sailing 30-March-2009
2009-03-30, 7 images
Last leg from Miami. Charleston, SC to Carolina Beach, NC
2009-02-20, 14 images
Third leg from Miami. Florida to South Carolina.
2009-02-16, 9 images
2009-02-14, 14 images
Pictures mostly while at anchor during the Miami Boat Show.
Miami Boat Show - 2009
2009-02-12, 14 images
Trip from St. Augustine to Miami, John as Crew
Miami Passage
2009-02-08, 20 images
Pictures from our sailing passage from St. Marys, Georgia to St. Augustine, Florida
Passage St. Augustine
2009-02-05, 11 images
August 13-17, 2008 Passage delivering our new boat from Bahamas to Beaufort, NC
Bahamas Passage
2008-08-17, 22 images
A photo tour of "Tahina" - a St. Francis 50 Sailing Catamaran
Tahina Photo Tour
2008-06-26, 39 images