Tahina Photo Tour

This is a photo gallery "tour" of our sailing catamaran "Tahina" (read more about Tahina here). All of the photos here are of Tahina - which we purchased in August 2008. Tahina is a St. Francis 50 (Length overall is 50 feet, beam is 26 feet, draft 4.5 feet) built in South Africa. Typical sailing speed is 8-10 knots, but we have sailed her as fast as 19.7 knots! Tahina is well equipped, and we really like the accommodations. She is built for blue water sailing and already sailed 8000 nautical miles (from South Africa) before we bought her from the builder. Check out the slideshow below to see her in all her glory...


This is neat! Everything looks beautiful. When cAN I go 19 miles an hour?

While I have been in love with the seas for a life, it was only a few years ago when my dream became true and enjoyed boating in our own, small, but beautiful and dependable, 22 footer (outboard powered though) on the eastern coast of Venezuela. I enjoyed every single minute, with the ups and downs, days of repairs and days of sun and calm waters, days of fishing and days on the beach, days of wind and days of rain. On top of all, it forged a lifetime friendship with my boat-ownership partner, another soul sold to boating, and blessed me with the joy of sharing many boating hours with my wife and kids.

My dream had to be put on hold though, as we had to leave our country (as many other did). It will resume, in another place, but it will. That's a promise I made to myself.

Your story, website and blog touched my heart, as I can read between lines how big is this dream you are already in. You are both blessed for sharing it, and nothing but good things can result from that generosity.

Tahina is a beauty. Embedded in this note goes a prayer to the good Lord for her, the crew and any passengers.

PS: As a GPS enthusiast, myself, this is the best of both worlds, as I can read about the sailing adventure and also about all that you are going to do with Google Earth !

From Doha, Qatar
(Karim Salswach)

Bon voyage !!

George Charis from Nicosia Cyprus

Kesh, thanks for your kind words. And, best of luck to getting back to resuming your dream. Sometimes the challenges of realizing a dream take enormous perserverance, and sometimes your lucky. I've been fortunate enough many times to be lucky - but, usually its been a lot of work. Right now, I'm feeling the challenge.

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