Back Home For Turkey Day

We just spent a few days (since last Thursday) on the boat and accomplished several tasks.   Just a sample of the tasks accomplished:  Tahina name put on life buoy, finished temporary carpet install to protect wood floors from dog claws, got new Navionics card for Carolinas back (after previous one had problems showing 3D data for Carolina beach) – only problem was the new card exhibited the same problem, explored Raymarine RayNav software more, trouble-shooting on new autopilot problem, asked for quote on wind screen/spray dodger up front of cockpit, checked engines and topped off oils, bought water hose and filled port tank with shore water, and thoroughly washed outside of boat.

We also had one of our daughters visit over the weekend along with two of her friends.  We took them for a nice afternoon sail on Saturday out about 4.5 miles off shore and back.  It was a very nice sail considering early in the day the seas were pretty rough and winds were strong.  Instead we had relatively small seas and nice light winds with a few fun stronger periods.  We managed to go out and back in Carolina Beach Inlet for the first time (greatly reducing the motoring time to and from the marina).  It helped that the Army Corps just finished dredging the channel and it was approaching high tide.

Unfortunately our autopilot stopped working – it kept saying “Drive Stopped” when it was barely turning.  The manual did not provide strong clues on how to fix this problem.  I suspect the problem has to do with the pump which drives our hydraulic steering, or the auto pilot control computer.  Someone is coming to look at the system tomorrow.

It’s important Karen continues to get comfortable driving the boat, so she drove a while as I put away the sail in its cover and put away the halyard, the blocks, and winch handles.  I’m still doing the parking, but soon Karen will get some practice at that as well.

We also did some preparing for family visits expected after Thanksgiving Day.  Cleaning inside and out, adding the water, making beds, taking linens home for cleaning, provisioning, etc. 

We’re getting more comfortable living and working on the boat.  And the boat is becoming more like our second home every weekend we spend down there.  Even the dogs are starting to get comfortable with the boat as well.  They didn’t even get seasick on their second time out.  But, we have just as much to do at home as well, so we’re back at the house catching up until Thursday when we go for Thanksgiving Day at my Mom’s house.

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  1. Kelly Melendez says:

    Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much for the post, this was just what I needed today!

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