Thanksgiving Family Visit on Tahina

The day after Thanksgiving we invited a big part of the Taylor family to see (and hopefully sail) Tahina. Preparations started with the trip to the boat the previous weekend where we did some cleaning, taking down more linens, and asked someone to look at the autopilot issue. The autopilot issue turned out to be a simple loose wire. So that was easy.

On Thanksgiving Day, Karen and I left my Mom’s in Winston-Salem around 5 PM and drove home. We packed and took another load of food/linens and drove on down to the boat (arriving around 11 PM). Next day, I got up early: tested the autopilot and started cleaning inside a bit. As it warmed up I began washing down the boat. Thankfully it got to be a beautiful and warm (60 F) day. It took more than 2 hours to wash. Karen was setting all the beds and planning food inventory. Karen came out and helped wipe the stainless and wipe windows. I began washing windows inside and out as well, and polished off a few marks on the outside.

The boat was really gleaming by the time the family arrived (all 9 including 5 adults and 4 kids). They arrived about 3 PM. After a quick tour, I looked at the wind and the nice weather and suggested we go ahead and go for a sail right away. Fortunately the seas were really mild (about 2 feet) so we managed to use Carolina Beach Inlet. Winds were in the 10 knot range. We had a nice sail after motoring out the inlet. We averaged over 8 knots and came close to 10 knots a few times. Unfortunately, we had to stop less than an hour out because of the approaching sunset. I had to put the fishing lines out right away because the kids were insistent. But, we didn’t catch any. They sure enjoyed looking at the color sonar though and expecting every blip to result in a bite! Check out the GPS track in Google Earth .

That night we cooked up some dinner. It was a bit crowded because we didn’t want to eat outside due to the rapidly cooling temperature (plus our daughter – who lives in Wilmington – came down to join us). The kids had a great time exploring around the marina. One of the boys managed to capture a nice-sized blue crab which they released later.

The next day we had planned to go out for a more lengthy sail. But, the weather turned worse than forecasted the night before. We had rain all day. So, we instead decided to visit the NC Acuaurium at Fort Fisher about 15 minutes away. Everyone had a great time. Afterwards we prepared a nice lunch and managed to get everyone (all 12) around the salon table. A short while later, the boat was peaceful as the family had to leave and start their trips home. It was a very successful, if brief, first visit from family on Tahina!

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