Tahina Has a Coconut

As mentioned on our “About Tahina” article the name for our boat was discovered because of a news story about a newly discovered palm tree in Madagascar. The tree was named Tahina after the daughter of the gentleman who reported the new tree. Tahina means “blessed” or “protected” in Malagasy (the language of Madagascar). We liked the connotations and the polynesian-derived aspect.

This Monday (on December 15th) we took delivery on our “new car“, our rigid-bottomed inflatable dinghy (or boat tender) which will serve as our primary transportation to shore when we’re at anchor or in a port. Soon I will write a post describing the delivery process and sharing some pictures of it. But, for now we just wanted to share that Karen came up with a great name for our smaller boat: “Coconut”. An obvious name once you understand where the name “Tahina” came from. 🙂

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