Drove down to Tahina

Karen needed to stay home, but I decided to go down to Georgia and visit Tahina.  I had some specific goals for this weekend:

  1. Get the new dinghy in the water and begin the break-in process for the new Yamaha 25 hp engine.
  2. Drill hole to put the fuel tank for the dinghy inside the anchor locker.  Needed a 1/2 inch hole for the fuel line to go through.
  3. Get painters (boat lines) for the dinghy.  We use two so the boat can be attached between the hulls and stay in position without the dinghy motor hitting the hulls.
  4. Get an anchor and rode for the dinghy
  5. We had a problem with the water pump for the starboard heater.  Try to find the problem.
  6. Take my brother and his family out for a sail this weekend – weather forecast looks good.
  7. Examine the boom derrick for the dinghy to see if it can be extended further.

I left about 9:30 from Raleigh and drove down to St. Marys.  It took a good portion of the day to get there.  But, I still managed to arrive before dark.  I looked over the boom derrick, but could see no obvious way it could be extended.  It does seem it can be unscrewed and maybe removed from the boom.  I determined the size drill bit needed and bought one at the hardware store.  Also bought some gasoline for the dinghy so I’d have enough for the break-in runs.  Tried starting the starboard heater, but the water pump still is not working right.  Had plenty of blankets, so I didn’t worry about it for tonight.

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