Arriving to St. Mary and Prepping for the Trip

Monday was a huge day with Google Earth 5 released.  I’ve never worked so hard on the blog – writing a flurry of posts, creating video demonstrations, reading and sharing other articles, responding to E-mail questions, etc., etc.  I even stayed up late and wrote more stories for the next day.   To complicate matters, I was also doing the final packing for our Miami trip.  Fortunately, we had done a big portion of the packing over the weekend.  Karen was really helpful keeping me free to concentrate on the blogging.

I took one brief break during the evening.  Karen and I picked up a one-way rental car for our drive down to St. Marys.  In the morning, we loaded up the car and began the trip.  We wanted an early start so we would have time to prep the boat if we decided the weather would allow for a Wednesday departure.  As it turned out, the weather would be better on Thursday, so that gave us more time to get provisions and make ourselves more comfortable.   The winds were going to be good, but the temperatures?  It was COLD!  Overnight lows in the 20s (F).  We came south for WARMER weather!?

We went out to dinner with my brother and his family in the evening.  The we made plans on Wednesday for provisioning, checking boat systems, and properly unpacking.  This also gave me time to go to an Internet cafe and get some more blogging done.  Coconut (the dinghy) now has an anchor and rode, so it is fully equipped now.   The engine oils and belts were checked, water and fuel supplies checked, rigging checked, etc. 

One important task I wanted to complete was to upgrade the navigation software on the onboard computer and the firmware on the chart plotter.  This necessitated a memory upgrade to the computer – it only had 256 MBytes!  Had a bit of a challenge finding a local computer store with the right memory (the builder had installed an older machine with older-type DDR memory) so I could upgrade it to its maximum of 2 GBytes.  But, we finally found which not only had the memory, but offered to install and test it.   Had a nice chat with one of the owners about building “green” machines which won’t take too much power.   Once the memory upgrade was done I was able to make the upgrade back on Tahina.  Both upgrades seemed to go pretty smoothly and brief testing showed it working.  Whew!  This ended up occupying a good portion of the day by the time you included the trips back and forth to the computer store.

Finally, we were able to relax a bit in the evening so we could leave early the next morning for St. Augustine.  

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