Housework, Housework, Housework

For the past 8 days we’ve been “homeless”. Or, maybe the more accurate term is “displaced people”. Back in February we initiated a number of projects to fix up our house in preparation for putting it on the market. Since we’ll be gone for five years on the circumnavigation, there’s no need for us to keep such a large house unoccupied back in the States. So, shortly after we got back from our big trip to Miami on Tahina, we began prepping the house for several major projects. First, we had several rooms painted. We also had the outside of the house prepped for painting (including several wood repair jobs).

The big project for us was to clear the entire first floor (except the living room) so that all the hardwood floors could be refinished. This involved taking all the furniture and either moving it upstairs, or into the living room (which is carpeted). My daughter was a big help with moving. We even managed to move the piano with just the two of us (Karen’s back isn’t up to heavy lifting). Anyway, on Monday – March 2nd – the hardwood floor guys showed up. We spent a couple of hours finishing taping off areas to protect from dust, and made sure the flooring guys had their instructions and colors right. Then we packed up to leave.

We came back to check on the house on Thursday. The work on the outside paint job was starting then. We checked the flooring which had its first coat completed. It looked really good. We noticed a few minor cosmetic things, which they promised would be fixed before completion. The painting started quickly and by the time we left they had already completed the trim and started painting the siding (with a team of about 5 guys).

Originally we thought the work would be finished on Monday (March 9). But, what they meant was the final coat for the flooring would be in place on Monday. We won’t officially be moved back in until tonight or tomorrow. I went to the house yesterday and watched them finish putting the final coat on. The floors look really great now. Here are some pictures:

Flooring work

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