Status Update – March 27

This week has been a hodgepodge of different projects. Here’s the first of what will probably be a regular set of status updates in the coming months as we prepare for our final departure. This update will be organized based on projects:

  • Tahina Web Site – spent some time this week: adding categories to posts, worked on ways to incorporate maps of our tracks onto the site (help from Virgil on this), organized all GPS tracks of Tahina trips to date, trying to get the site ready for a public announcement. Finally wrote the Miami to St. Augustine leg from the big Miami trip in February.
  • Tahina Purchase Planning – spent time organizing and reviewing our short and long-term lists for things we need to buy for Tahina. Will be buying some soon due to some sales at various boat catalog companies.
  • Sponsor – worked on a sponsorship deal this week for the Tahina Expedition which I hope to announce soon.
  • Captain’s License – made substantial progress on studies for the Captain’s license. I completed the first of four modules and passed the final online practice exam for that module. This required about 2 to 3 hours of work every day during the last week. The module was all about the navigation Rules of the Road.
  • Studies – Another task always going on is the continuing education of nautical skills, attempting to improve travel knowledge for the places we’re going, and following other sailors who are on similar paths.
  • Tahina projects – spent time reviewing lists of tasks and organizing the ones needing attention when I next go out to the boat, got some quotes for boat work, etc. The biggest project coming up is the plan to have Tahina hauled to install new equipment, wax the boat, etc. We need to decide whether we’ll wait to do this until closer to the fall departure.
  • Tahina calendar – updated the online calendar for the Tahina Expedition.

Of course, in addition to the direct Tahina projects, there were many other projects worked on. Such as: continuing work to redesign Google Earth Blog, ongoing work on GEB, worked on several projects for the house, exercise (we’re working hard to be as fit as possible before we depart), planning on a backpacking trip just to get away for a while, and (last, but not least) family time.

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