It’s not just about sailing

If you’ve been following the blog, you already know that owning a boat is not just about sailing. This weekend has been a perfect example. I needed to continue some projects on the boat this weekend, but the weather was totally awesome (really warm – in the 80s F – and clear). The throngs are out at the beaches, and boaters are everywhere. The fuel dock just behind our boat has been super busy (much to the delight of our marina).

So, I got to the boat early Saturday morning and started digging into the wiring to install our AIS (see earlier post). Before coming down to the boat, I thought I had everything figured out. Called the manufacturer, RayMarine, and got an excellent set of tips on what to do. Based on last weekends analysis, I felt prepared to go. Unfortunately, it turned out a wire installed when the boat was built was only two-wire and I needed four. Which means a) I need to get a new wire – but, no local stores had the right stuff; and b) I need to run the wire from the nav station to the helm. Turns out b) is not straightforward either – but, I got that figured out. I’ll have to wait until another time to make the installation…

Meanwhile, the weather was just too awesome to withstand. So, I put our new dinghy (our 12′ rigid inflatable boat we call “Coconut”) into the water and since we are parked stern-to a dock I move the dinghy under Tahina to get it out. Finally got to boat under the Snows Cut bridge (it’s a 65 foot bridge and Tahina has a 73 foot mast, so we will never go that way with Tahina) and went through the cut to the Cape Fear river. Then I explored the cut to Carl Winner road and back to the Marina. Later I took my daughter over to Carolina Beach Inlet. I then spent some time washing down the back of the boat and the cockpit area so it was a bit more presentable/liveable.

Another boater dropped by to tell me about a friend of his who completed his circumnavigation and wrote some books. He was interested to hear about my online publishing plans, and promised me a copy of the book (here is the guy’s web site). Spoke to several other boaters either about Coconut or Tahina, and just watched all the fun water activity from the comfort of Tahina’s cockpit. Sunset was awesome!

Today, I spent some time on the laptop watching the sun rise and did some writing. Later I removed our E-120 chartplotter to take home and ship back to RayMarine. There is a defect in the backlighting which causes the light to flash at night. They will fix it under warranty. I’m going to take Coconut out for another spin and head out to the beach for a while. Maybe do a little stainless steel polishing (clean, clean, clean – it’s part of owning a boat!). Then I’ll head back home. No sailing – the winds have been light. But, wow what a weekend!

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