Projects Galore

Another status update on the Tahina Expedition. The big accomplishment this week was the announcement of the VideoRay partnership and the arrival of the VideoRay ROV for Tahina. Here is a list of other projects in the works:

  • Web site – this web site is far from done. I have plans to use the Google Earth plugin, add a map section that allows you to view any passage track of Tahina in detail, better photo gallery interface.
  • Boat Cards – need new boat cards (business cards for boaters) with all the proper URL, e-mail info etc. We had some made last fall, but we got a new domain name since then.
  • Spray Dodger – Already wrote about this – it is currently being installed.
  • Boat Instruments – there are two projects ongoing at the moment. Installation of the new AIS receiver, and the Raymarine E-120 chartplotter needs to be sent back for a repair job (the backlight is erratic and flashes at night).
  • Captain’s License – trying to spend at least an hour every day with the online course.
  • Inventory – Acquired some more stuff (several in a going-out-of-business sale at Boaters World): AIS, US flag and pole, portable air horn, more cleaning supplies, hand-held depth finder (for use from the dinghy or as a backup), nav lights for the dinghy, CO2 detector/smoke detector, and the list goes on… Have been researching cameras and related equipment this week.
  • Spreading the Word – since the Tahina site is brand new, I’ve been spending some time trying to register with search engines, and providing links to the new site on other properties and memberships (like Twitter, FriendFeed, GEC, etc.). Twitter for Tahina is:
  • Taxes – just completed this task yesterday.
  • Home projects – indirectly related are the ongoing projects to get the house ready for sale, and get everything in order for the big departure about 6 months from now.
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