Tahina 3D Tour in Google Earth

As preparations for the new Tahina Expedition site were underway, one of my plans had been to make a 3D model of Tahina for viewing in Google Earth. Imagine my surprise when one day Gerardo Paz (who does the Spanish translation for Google Earth Blog, and also happens to be a professional 3D modeler) delivered to me some 3D models of Tahina! I’ve got two versions ready: one with Tahina at anchor, and another with Tahina under sail. The following tour lets you see the two models and even jump on board Tahina to see what life on Tahina in the Caribbean will be like (NOTE: you have to install the Google Earth Plugin to see it):


  • 3D Models by Gerardo Paz and Frank Taylor
  • Song by Styx – “Come Sail Away”
  • Location: St. Martin in the Caribbean
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  1. Bryan says:

    Very nice. Love the song choice.

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