Tahina Expedition Open to the Public

Picture of our sailing catamaran TahinaWelcome to the Tahina Expedition Blog! Today we are finally opening this new web site to the general public. This blog will document all aspects of our exciting travels as we sail around the world on a five year journey starting this year – in 2009. My name is Frank Taylor, and I’m probably best known for writing the Google Earth Blog. My wife, Karen Taylor, will also contribute to the blog during our expedition.

A big part of the Tahina Expedition is to use Google Earth to document our travels and share them with the world. We will be using GPS, giga-pixel panoramic photography, aerial photograph, underwater photography, and a variety of HD videography as well. All of the data will be viewable through Google Earth in addition through the Tahina Expedition web site. Google has partnered with us to help share our unique content with the world through Google Earth. And, we hope to raise awareness about environmental issues facing our oceans, and factors threatening marine life and people as well. There will be several other partners announced in the coming months.

Our real departure will begin when we leave the US later this year (near the end of hurricane season), but the blog will share the current phases of our preparations and any sailing adventures we have until the big departure. Our biggest job left, outside of adding new equipment for the boat, is preparing our house to be sold and getting our lives in order for the long hiatus from our home country. The blog will describe some of these challenges as well.

Previous Posts
You will find we have already made many posts during the past few months. The posts were made to document some of the unique experiences and challenges since we purchased our boat Tahina, and then beginning our planning and preparations for our five year sailing circumnavigation of our beautiful planet. Those of you following us closely will want to check out all 35 earlier posts. But, here are some of the more significant posts:

  • Picking up Tahina – this post provides details on our 4 day delivery of Tahina from the Bahamas to North Carolina. It includes photos and Google Earth file.
  • Moving Tahina to Carolina Beach – This post summarizes our boatyard work after delivery, and then moving the boat down to Carolina Beach, NC. It also includes photos and GPS track with Google Earth.
  • Tahina Circumnavigation Route – this explains our general route plan – which will evolve as we make our way around the planet.
  • Google Partnership – This Google Earth Blog post was the announcement that Google will be partnering with the Tahina Expedition.
  • Preparing for a Circumnavigation – Some background on what is involved in preparing for a big trip like this.
  • Breaking in Coconut – This post talks about our first runs in our new dinghy which we named “Cocounut”.
  • Miami Trip – We took Tahina down to Miami for the boat show in February. There are lots of posts related to the trip, but the main series of posts on the trip itself starts here in St. Marys, Georgia. One the way out to sea, we came as close as you can get to a nuclear sub! Read the later posts for more on the story.
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