VideoRay Delivers Underwater Robot for Tahina

This Monday, April 13th, was an exciting day for the TahinaExpedition! That’s right, the new micro-ROV robotic underwater video camera was arriving from VideoRay (read about the partnership). Although the news about this device for Tahina may be new to many of you, I’ve been dreaming about the day of this arrival for over a year. I’ve taken many underwater photographs over the years, but when I first learned about the VideoRay micro ROVs I was eager to have one. One of our objectives for the Tahina Expedition is to check out the state of coral reefs around the world. The VideoRay will be a handy tool for checking reefs, seeing other undersea life, and much more. Plus, I’m a technology geek, and having an underwater robot to play with is just ultra cool!

So the packages arrived, and I made sure to take some pictures and video of the “grand unwrapping“. You’ll see the unit comes in three big boxes and includes everything needed to operate the ROV. The following video shows the unwrapping, and a brief explanation of what is included. Later I’ll show when we take the VideoRay out for its first “dive”. My favorite moment in the video is when I first see the unit out of the box. I felt like “Tool Man Taylor” (Tim Allen) crowing over a big power tool!

Thanks to Captain Tim for taking video of the unwrapping.

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  1. nanag says:

    This was totally awesome! I know how excited you are!

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