Boat Cards

During sailing trips, just as on business trips, its often handy to have a card handy with basic contact information to share with other boaters you meet along the way. This way you can help stay in contact with friends who you may have few chances to see as you are sailing between destinations. We recently had some boat cards made. Last week, while I was in California, it proved to be a great way to encourage people to follow this blog and the Tahina twitter account. The people I was meeting with were definitely the type to read both – it being a techie conference.

On our boat card, there is no physical address mentioned. The only essential information are our names (Karen and I), boat name, e-mail, blog URL, and twitter. Once we leave, we probably won’t include a cell phone number – although, I hope to get a Google Voice account, so people can easily leave voice mails we can check over the Internet.

The twitter account is a new experiment for me. It provides an avenue for micro-blogging when there’s not enough time to write longer posts, or when you just want to point out something you see interesting.

We hope everyone following the Tahina Expedition will help encourage folks to subscribe to our blog and follow our twitter. The Tahina Expedition vision is to try and get as many people as possible to follow our five year trip around the world. We not only want to share our exciting, and hopefully mostly positive, experiences; but we also hope to help show everyone some cool places to visit in unique and beautiful places. We’re taking some pretty cool gadgets to help provide some unique photography, and will be using several Google platforms (like Google Earth/Maps, Gmail, and Picasa), to make it easy for you to follow along. And, finally, we hope to educate people – and kids – about sailing, marine life, travel, cultures, and see how the environment is doing along our route.

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