Track from this week’s sail in Google Earth

As mentioned yesterday, we had a wild ride on our sail on Wednesday. I’ve processed the GPS track using GPSVisualizer to colorize the track by our speed. That way you can see the wide variance in speed as we sped up with the wind gusts, and slowed suddenly as the waves grabbed us. It gives you a good sense of how much motion we experienced (soon I hope to also share some video clips are probably even more dramatic). So, check out the track of our sail here (with Google Earth). I’ve also added some notes explaining a few of the twists in our track (where we raised and lowered sails, etc.).

And below is a slideshow of a few of the photos taken. You’ll see a few shots of the waves, and the wake as we zipped through the seas. And, a couple shots showing the broken steel jib halyard. Here are the photos:

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