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On Friday, we spent most of the day near the house awaiting the 3rd attempt to have our new kitchen appliances delivered and installed. The appliances we selected had rave reviews here, and so, we went ahead and bought the same ones. The company we bought the appliances from (who will remain nameless) was told they must deliver the appliances early enough so that we could leave no later than 6 PM because we had a social engagement that evening. Did they make it in time? No! They showed up at 3:40 PM to install 4 big appliances (including a huge refrigerator). The job wasn’t done until 7:30 PM. So, we were late. The delivery crew also only had two guys (who actually worked hard and as fast as they could – I blame their company for mismanaging the project). It took four of us (myself and my daughter’s friend Michael included) to get the refrigerator into the house. As expected, we will have to get some modifications to our cabinetry before everything is fitted properly, and to have custom faceplates added to the fridge and dishwater. And, then we’ll have to have the cabinets re-painted to match the colors. All of this to get our house ready to put on the market before we move onto Tahina.

On Saturday we needed to return to our marina to attend the wedding of one of the marina managers. Captain Tim Nichols is a former member of the US Coast Guard who has a yacht services business handling service, charters, cleaning, maintenance and more (see his web site). He operates out of Joyner Marina, and is a great asset to the boaters here. Since he eats and breathes boating, it was appropriate he planned his wedding right at the marina. This was probably the nicest wedding I’ve attended (other than my own of course!).

The wedding started with two yachts coming down the river towards the marina with horns blaring. The first was driven by Captain Tim and had the male part of the wedding party. The second yacht had the female part of the wedding party. The guests were sitting above the main long fuel dock watching them arrive. The male party lined up on the dock and each walked down the dock to escort the ladies from their boat up the ramp to the wedding setting. Awesome!

All the decorations of the wedding (including the cake) were nautical themed with shells, sea horses, etc. The food was very nicely catered with sea food and more nautical decorations all around. They had a reggae-style band playing Jimmy Buffet and other natucial-themed music. It was awesome eating/drinking and watching one of the best sunsets I’ve seen here yet.

The wedding was a great opportunity to try the new Canon Rebel T1i digital SLR camera I bought on Friday for the Tahina Expedition. Here’s a slideshow of just a few photos (16) I took during the wedding:

View Google Photos Album which can show more detail

I especially like the nighttime shot with lightning in the background and Tahina in the foreground. You can see the wedding was right next to Tahina.

Speakers and things
First project on Sunday was to process all the photos I took during the wedding. I planned to give them as a part of our wedding gift to the couple. This only took a couple of hours with extensive use of Google Picasa. The photos were well-received.

The first boat project was to attempt replacing the broken cockpit speaker. I had stopped at West Marine on the way down on Saturday and bought what looked to have the right specs to match our current speaker. I took off the old one, and was pleased to find the new speaker was an exact fit. Not only that, but a quick test hooking up the wires produced good sounds. Next, I took a look at the back of the old speaker and realized it was getting water over it from the inside of the arch where the speakers are installed. So, I puzzled for a moment how to solve this problem. The speakers are water proof, but they should not have salty water running over them because nothing is truly water proof from salt water. I grabbed a piece of plastic and cut out a rectangular sheet and bent one edge. Then I simply duct taped this custom-made water diverter over the top of the back edge of the wall above the speaker (on the inside of the arch). That should keep water from running directly over the back of the speaker. In the photo below, see the project, an example of how the diverter was set up, and the finished speaker installed.

Speaker Install for Tahina

We also took some time polishing and cleaning the arch, access ports, and stainless steel screws/washers that were stained with salt/rust. This added an hour or so to the otherwise 1-hour project. Next, we started prepping the boat for a planned excursion next week. This mostly involves checking provisions, engines, and doing laundry. Goodie!


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