End of the Line – A fish story

Imagine a world without fish. That’s the tag line to the new upcoming movie “End of the Line“. National Geographic held a press conference about the movie on World Ocean Day this week. The movie is most likely the first significant feature movie available in theaters on the subject of overfishing.

The Tahina Expedition hopes to learn more about the subject of overfishing and as our readers grow, we hope to help educate people about it on this site. We plan to talk to fisherman around the world to get their perspective on how fishing has changed in their lives. We want to find out what kinds of fish they are catching, how far they are going to find fish, and what techniques they are using.

On Tahina, we do plan to fish. In part, this will be our way of testing how serious the problem is. But, we will only be trolling two fishing lines off the back, and will return to the sea anything we don’t eat. We’ll also avoid fishing near the islands we visit. In part out of respect for the local populations, but also because of the risk of poisoning (specifically ciguatera) from eating reef fish. And, we’ll respect local rules and regulations about fishing and respect marine protected areas as well – since in many cases the rules are due to problems with overfishing.

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