First Summer Sailing Trip – Part 3

On Tuesday evening, we brought out the BBQ grill and cooked up some food in the setting sun in our anchorage near the Beaufort waterfront. It was a very comfortable day temperature-wise, with a nice breeze. So, we ate on the cockpit table and watched the pretty scenery.

After cleaning up dinner, and putting away the grill, we put the dinghy up on the transom in preparation for the early morning departure. The weather was forecasted to be very nice the next day – Wednesday. A bit too nice since little wind was to be expected – so there would be little sailing. This was important though because if we left on Thursday like we originally planned we would have wind on the nose the whole way.

The next morning, I woke up near dawn and started getting the boat ready while Karen got ready. We soon started the engines and began weighing anchor. Not a cloud in the sky, and very light winds as forecasted. We motored out the Beaufort inlet along with another catamaran called Kaya. As we passed them, we saw they had a Texas flag and called over and found they were from Kemah (not far from where we lived in League City, Texas).

Soon we were motoring on our heading for Carolina Beach. We raised the jib to give us a little boost with the shore breeze we were getting – but, still using the motors. It gave us about .7 knots of extra speed. Along the way south we saw lots of fisherman, and saw a pod of dolphin fishing as well. The winds curved around and we eventually had to drop the jib. As we approached Wrightsville Beach, several hours later at about 4:30 PM, the winds were almost from the south. We decided to divert east a bit so we could sail into the Masonboro Inlet. We had a nice sail for about an hour. We then motored down the ICW – and we took a few photos along the way.

By 6 PM we pulled into our slip at Joyner Marina. It was nice to be “home”. A bit later, we treated ourselves out to dinner up in Wilmington. The next day, we planned to clean up the boat. It took pretty much all day to clean both the outside and inside thoroughly. We even did a bit of shining on some of the stainless steel (it’s more than a 1 day job to do all of it). Today (Friday) we plan to head back home. But, we are hoping we can get back down here for another sailing trip soon!

Here are some photos from this part of the trip:

And, here are the GPS tracks of the entire trip (including when we went ashore in Beaufort and Cape Lookout) which you can view in Google Earth .

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  1. Alex says:

    I was doing a bit of boating related web surfing today and have come to your site. The photos around Beaufort and out to the lighthouse were wonderful memory chips.
    Diann and I honeymooned in Beaufort NC, at the Inlet Inn back in January of 1997, and have returned by auto and by boat a number of times.
    We developed a boater’s travel resource in 2005 having waterfront restaurant, bar, marina and so forth, reviews. However, since completing a lake house near Hickory NC in 2007- our local economy has tanked. As a result we have had only two coastal trips to report, one in 2007 and another in 2008. may have some resource info you can use as far down as St. Augustine, particularly restaurant related.
    Since you will be “going coastal” and over to the Bahamas, we would very much appreciate having you add content to the site. It will be as simple as clicking “review” and typing into the fields. Photos simply upload from your existing files.
    Be sure to include your site’s url so as to gain more exposure for your own site.
    Meanwhile I’ll follow your posts as I currently am doing with Dream Catcher and Slapdash.
    Lake Lookout, NC

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