Video Clip of Sailing Tahina on a Windy Day

The following video shows what its like on a brisk windy day on the Atlantic Ocean sailing a 50 foot catamaran. Tahina cuts an elegant path through the frothy mess – we were experiencing 6 to 10 foot seas. But, it was the roughest ride to date on Taihna since we picked her up last August. It gives you an idea of what its like sailing in bigger seas even on a moderate sized boat. Just watch the video here (WARNING: if you are prone to seasickness, you might not want to watch!):

(I recommend you select the “HQ” or “HD” option in the YouTube player for higher quality video.)
Winds were 25-30 knots with higher gusts (apparent), and Tahina was making 10+ knots most of the way. We spent a good part of the day on the passage. You can see the track in Google Earth and other pictures here.

It took me a while to get around to making this video. I’m trying different techniques for processing videos. This one is a 16:9 ratio format, but based on standard ratio video clips from a digital camera.

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