Wide-angle HD Video of Tahina Spinnaker Sailing

So, last week, while we were enjoying our first sailing trip of the summer, I tried out the new Digital Canon Rebel T1i’s HD video feature. I wanted to try something unique, so I put on the Sigma 10mm wide-angle lens which allowed me to view the entire spinnaker sail in one view. Today, I used the Mac’s iMovie program to produce an HD resolution movie with titles and then uploaded the resulting MP4 file to YouTube. The resulting video is very cool (especially when you realize just how wide the view really is). You can watch it here, but I recommend you click on the link to view the full YouTube HD resolution (which still isn’t quite as large as the original):

View Full HD Version

For comparison, here is a screenshot of a video clip showing the spinnaker flying from the same position using a standard compact digital camera at its widest angle:

Non-wide-angle view of spinnaker
A standard camera view of same boat with spinnaker

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  1. David says:

    Nice video, beautiful ship. I will look forward to see more of them coming… And I should admit that I envy you!

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