Busy week, some boat time for the weekend

This week was busy, busy, busy. On Sunday, after our postponed scuba class, I prepared for a trip to Washington, DC to attend the Moon in Google Earth launch event. Left at 5 AM to drive to DC, and spent 24 hours there. It was a great couple of events, and had lots of fun satisfying both my Google Earth interests and my space program interests. Saw both Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong (as well as all the other living Apollo astronauts) at the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing at a party put on by NASA at the National Air & Space museum (see pictures).

Things are really heating up with getting our house ready to be sold. We spent a lot of time this week working details on prepping the house. We ordered all new appliances a few weeks ago, but we had problems with wrong parts ordered and with the company which did the installation. That’s resulted in further work and a lot of hassle and delays in getting the kitchen done. We also chose to make some custom changes to our cabinetry to make the kitchen look better. Finally, we need to get the new cabinetry painted and have had delays getting that done (we want to save it for last). And, that’s just the kitchen!

Meanwhile, we started a campaign of cleaning out the rest of the house of everything we don’t either need for the next few months, don’t want to keep permanently, want to give away to charity, want to sell, or just throw away. This actually started gradually months ago, but starting two weeks ago we decided we would process 20 items every day. That has really helped accelerate the process. Our garage has started accumulating a pile of things that need further processing. We will soon start going to a flea market to sell items, sell some items on Craigslist, and make trips to donate the rest.

A good piece of news on the house front: the housing market is showing signs of improving. Maybe by the time we get the house ready we’ll actually sell it quickly! That would be a relief after months of worry.

We also continue to make preparations to get our daughters set up on their own. We’re having problems finding a good location for one them because she has two dogs (one being a large german-sheppard mix). That’s been occupying a lot of time the last few weeks. They need their own student healthcare plans because we will soon be moving to travel healthcare plans. Having a reformed healthcare system would be handy right now. Also, I’ve started giving them more complete lessons on how to take care of things like auto maintenance, basic financial management, and other things going a bit beyond the usual preparations kids have when they leave on their own. Although we’ll only be a satellite phone call away, we also have friends who can help them if they need assistance with something.

The maintenance kits for the heads (toilets) on Tahina arrived this week. So, I get the glorious job of repairing our slight leak on the master head this weekend. Believe it or not, I prefer that over the hassles with the house preparations!

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