Weekend sail, scuba plans

This weekend we had a visitor (daughter of my friend Jim in Arizona), who was in town for some training for her job. She was a pleasant guest and we managed to take her down to Tahina for a visit on Friday evening and Saturday. After arriving at the boat Friday evening, we went to a nice restaurant on the beach (Ocean Grill and Tiki Bar). We walked on the beach a while after our pleasant dinner. This was our second time to the restaurant, and we enjoyed it both times.

On Saturday, I did some blogging while everyone slept in. Then, we went to the beach for a swim while waiting for the tide to rise. After lunch, we headed out through Carolina Beach Inlet and had a nice 3 hour sail (and we didn’t even get lost on a deserted island – darn it!). During the sail, we had enough wind to get a bit of salt spray on the boat. So, after we got back, we rinsed down Tahina thoroughly. It was much faster with four people (my wife, daughter, our guest and myself) – it took only an hour! Soon we were packed up and headed back. We stopped first for dinner in Wilmington though. Finally back home by 10:30 PM.

On Sunday, Karen and I were scheduled to get a refresher course for our PADI diving certification. Unfortunately, they have a new process for signing forms that require my wife to get a physician to sign off. It wasn’t anything new she had since last time, they just have more paperwork now. Wonderful… now we have to reschedule.

This week, we hope to get more items ordered for the boat. I also have a part coming to fix a toilet on board which started to leak recently (just a seal). We also have more projects going to get the house on the market. We’re currently looking at end of August before all is ready. Much later than we planned. But, our house will look so great, we’ll probably sell it in two days! (I’m not counting on it though).

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