Zac Sunderland – About to Finish Solo Circumnavigation

Zac Sunderland is about to be the youngest person to complete a solo-circumnavigation by sail boat (see his web site). He left on June 14, 2008 at 16 years of age, and within a few days will enter the history books. I’ve been following Zac off and on during the last year. His web site currently is using a combination of both Google Maps and the Google Earth plugin to show his position and route. Another sailor friend of mine (Chris with S/V Billabong) has created some nifty mapping gadgets and has used his tools to show Zac’s position (along with another instance of Zac’s blog). I’d like to hear what some of you think about these two different mapping interfaces, since we will need something to show Tahina’s position as we go along.

Going back to Zac, I wish him fair winds for his final few days. He’s currently preparing to tack for California off the coast of Baja in light winds. He is expecting to arrive sometime next week. A solo circumnavigation is very challenging, and it is a major accomplishment for a person of any age. Especially hard if you attempt to complete the route quickly (he has been gone just over 1 year). But, particularly amazing for someone so young. He is already getting major media attention (see recent People magazine article). I’m sure he will be all over the media next week.

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