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Work Mixed with Sailing and More Work

It’s been a crazy few days – again. A LOT has been accomplished! But, the list remaining is still scary. We’ve started asking friends to help, and we’re going to need even more help if we’re going to make our … Continue reading

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Don’t forget the weather!

One thing being a sailor teaches you is to always keep your eye on the weather. As has been mentioned plenty in recent posts, we are working hard on our house right now. But, we planned to get to the … Continue reading

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Plans for boatyard/haul-out

In just 3 weeks, we plan to have Tahina on the ground. In preparations for the trip, we have a number of projects installing new equipment, making changes to rigging, and maintenance tasks to make sure everything is ready for … Continue reading

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Two Steps Forward, One Back

We actually got a lot done this week. Several house projects got done including: several rooms painted, odd job repairs, several rooms decluttered, carpet cleanings, many items moved to garage for dispersal (either selling at a flea market, giving away, … Continue reading

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Mad House

That’s the best description for what’s going on at the Taylor house these days. We are frantically trying to finally get our house ready to be put up on the market. In the last week we’ve had a dozen different … Continue reading

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Scuba Refresher

On Sunday, we left the boat by mid-morning and drove back to Raleigh. We had a scuba refresher course scheduled through a local dive shop called Down Under Surf & Scuba. We’ve been using these guys for years for equipment … Continue reading

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Big Party at the Marina

On Saturday night, boaters at our marina in Carolina Beach – Joyner Marina – organized and held a “Pig Pickin’” BBQ dinner and party. It was a really well-organized and enjoyable evening with good food, brews from a local micro-brewery … Continue reading

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Awesome HD Underwater Video

A friend of mine, Juan Pons – who is a professional nature photographer, tweeted about an amazing HD underwater video taken with a Canon 5D Mark II digital SLR camera (it’s an expensive camera that he also owns). This is … Continue reading

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Full Day of Maintenance

Yesterday I got up at the crack of dawn and drove down to Tahina. I was expecting a mechanic to arrive at about 9 AM to help perform my first maintenance on the hydraulic steering. Unfortunately, I was told he … Continue reading

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Alone in the Wild

National Geographic Channel is tracking the journey of documentary filmmaker and outdoors enthusiast Ed Wardle in near real time, as he treks across the Yukon Territory for three months. You can follow along on the web site ALONE IN THE … Continue reading

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