Alone in the Wild

National Geographic Channel is tracking the journey of documentary filmmaker and outdoors enthusiast Ed Wardle in near real time, as he treks across the Yukon Territory for three months. You can follow along on the web site ALONE IN THE WILD. Ed is totally alone – no cameraman – so he is sharing his trip by taking his own photos and video and also through his Twitter account. You can also follow him on a Google Maps mashup (unfortunately, no KML network link for following him in Google Earth yet – although I sent a suggestion). See a list of the camera equipment he is using.

Here is an example of a recent video blog where he finally got his hands on a fish:

I find this site interesting, because it is another example of following along on someone’s adventure using online technologies. I certainly admire Ed’s fortitude of living off the land and REALLY roughing it. I don’t think I would enjoy eating bark either. I’ll definitely be following Ed’s adventure.

Soon you’ll be able to follow us on Tahina when we depart later this year. The difference will be that our trip will be lasting for five years, and you’ll see many more locations and variety of cultures, animal life, sea life, and more. And, we’ll be making heavy use of Google Earth. But, you won’t see us roughing it! 🙂

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  1. nanag says:

    Now this was really interesting…I would love to watch more of this. What is his goal?

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