Big Party at the Marina

On Saturday night, boaters at our marina in Carolina Beach – Joyner Marina – organized and held a “Pig Pickin'” BBQ dinner and party. It was a really well-organized and enjoyable evening with good food, brews from a local micro-brewery called Front Street Brewery, a small live band, and with one of my favorite kind of people: boaters. They also held a raffle contest, and my wife was one of the three winners!

I pulled out the new camera and took some photos while enjoying the good times. Here is a selection, including my attempts at more night-time photography later in the evening:

We had an awesome sunset during the party. But, my favorite shot is actually of the spear-toting flounder fisherman at the very end – who happened to come right by the edge of the marina while I was shooting photos. What is your favorite?

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  1. sue says:

    Great job, Frank. Thanks!

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