Health Insurance During our World Travels

Once we depart for our circumnabigation, our normal, expensive, US health insurance coverage suddenly abandons us. That’s right, if you travel abroad extensively, don’t count on your insurance to cover you in foreign places. Instead, we will be getting health insurance designed for world travelers. This usually consists of major medical coverage, but does little for medicines and basic doctor visits. For those in the US, this might seem a scary proposition. But, actually health care costs in other countries is substantially lower than in the US. With regards to medicines, we’ll need to seek long-term prescriptions (six month supplies), and buy them in bulk from online pharmacies, to reduce costs.

We also will get special health coverage designed for scuba divers (called DAN – or Diver’s Alert Network), which handles special treatments for diving emergencies. The DAN policy also provides coverage for an emergency requiring extraction at sea including use of helicopter or similar scenarios.

Based on our past experience, the cost of this type of health insurance coverage is actually cheaper than our current US-based health insurance. Not surprising when you consider the drastically higher prices for health care in the US verses the rest of the world. We will have to worry about the quality of health-care we can find. But, if the situation is serious enough, we can travel by air back to the US if needed for better care.

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