Mad House

That’s the best description for what’s going on at the Taylor house these days. We are frantically trying to finally get our house ready to be put up on the market. In the last week we’ve had a dozen different workers doing painting, installing appliances, cleaning gutters, yard work, etc. I finally finished cleaning and painting our back deck. We’ve been pulling items out of closets, drawers, and rooms in preparation to take them to the flea market. Our garage is full of a mixture of junk for the flea market, dump, recycle bins, and give-away. I’ve made at least 10 trips this summer with the pickup to the dump, recycle and give-away places already.

Meanwhile, both our daughters have started the fall session at their respective colleges. One of them is still at home, but we have an application for an apartment which she will hopefully be moving to next week. We also are having to manage her two dogs here at the house while all these workers are trying to get things done, and the deck and back yard has been off limits to them. So, extra time has been spent walking dogs.

Not only all that, but we have been making last minute doctor trips to make sure we are as fit as we’re going to be before departure. Researching places to buy our medicines once we leave our US medical care plans behind (good riddance IMHO).

And if all those things weren’t stressful enough, we’re in the process of buying the last big items for the boat (some of the most expensive ones) which will be needed for the trip. Things like: the new anchor/chain, SSB radio, satellite communications, washer/dryer unit, more photographic equipment, books, scuba gear, safety gear, etc. Between the house and the boat, the bank account is dwindling at the most rapid pace ever. We hope that this blog will start getting really popular once we depart. We’re kinda hoping we can repeat the success of Google Earth Blog and have some decent advertisement-derived revenue.

If all goes well, our plan is still to leave near the end of October (when the hurricane season “officially” ends – according to insurance. Of course, we’ll wait for the real end of it). Wish us luck!

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