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Tahina’s Hook

A very critical piece of hardware on a cruising sailboat is what keeps you safe during most of your trips: the anchor. The anchor is what holds your boat in place to keep your boat from drifting into shore or … Continue reading

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How Will Mail and Bills Get to Us?

When we leave on our trip, we have to make sure any ongoing bills get paid. In today’s online world, you would expect this would be an easy process. And, it mostly will be – after some work is completed. … Continue reading

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Nice sail yesterday

Yesterday, I invited some friends and their kids to come out for a sail in the afternoon. The winds were forecasted to build from near nothing to about 10+ knots sometime after 4 PM. The tide was low at 4 … Continue reading

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Health Insurance During our World Travels

Once we depart for our circumnabigation, our normal, expensive, US health insurance coverage suddenly abandons us. That’s right, if you travel abroad extensively, don’t count on your insurance to cover you in foreign places. Instead, we will be getting health … Continue reading

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Things are heating up

I’m going to attempt to kick off more regular daily blogging on Tahina Expedition. Some of the posts will just be a summary of some of the many hundreds of tasks we’re performing in preparation for the trip. The blogging … Continue reading

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Kaisei Project – Researching the Plastic Vortex

My wife and I are leaving in October to begin a five year sailing circumnavigation we are calling the Tahina Expedition. Our trip is not just about visiting remote pacific island atolls, sipping Coronas on the beach, and snorkeling around … Continue reading

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