Scuba Refresher

PADI scuba diver cardOn Sunday, we left the boat by mid-morning and drove back to Raleigh. We had a scuba refresher course scheduled through a local dive shop called Down Under Surf & Scuba. We’ve been using these guys for years for equipment and training.

Karen and I have not been diving since we sold our previous catamaran PatiCat. We did a number of dives during our last sailing trip on PatiCat in 2002/2003 (see details about our dive in Saba for example). Before that trip, we purchased a complete set of new diving equipment (except for tanks) for my wife and I, plus our two kids. Unfortunately, some of the equipment (the wet suits) apparently did some shrinking since we last used them. 🙂 Also, one of the two regulators (breathing apparatus) we took to our refresher dive would not operate properly. We planned on having all the equipment serviced and inspected before we leave anyway. And, we will be buying new wet suits, masks, some tanks, and I would like a spear gun for fishing. The dive shop will be happy with us.

Anyway, after our 1.5 hour classroom, we had 3 hours in the pool reviewing basic skills. By the end of the class, we were quite tired. After returning the items we rented, we got our new certification stickers for our cards. It was a good refresher and definitely reminded me of some important steps. I plan to do more thorough re-reading of the material before we start diving. We’re also once again enthusiastic about diving. I’m particularly looking forward to underwater photography.

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