Two Steps Forward, One Back

We actually got a lot done this week. Several house projects got done including: several rooms painted, odd job repairs, several rooms decluttered, carpet cleanings, many items moved to garage for dispersal (either selling at a flea market, giving away, or donating).

On Friday, we got a U-Haul trailer and filled it for the flea market this weekend. Karen wasn’t feeling well this morning (Saturday), so I had to take the trailer and set up on my own. It was hot and very muggy with an approaching cold-front expected in the afternoon. Around 1 PM the weather was visibly on its way. We quickly packed up and were out with about 1 minute to spare before it rained. We sold a number of items – earning a grand total of about $250 (before costs for the space and trailer). We have the space again on Sunday, we’re hoping to make some more. But, I doubt we’ll invest the time and effort for the rest of our junk. The return in earnings verses the amount of time (and money) invested is just not worth it. We’ll have to try other methods. We definitely want to try Craigslist for some of the bigger (more expensive) items (TVs, furniture, etc.).

With the progress this week, came some set backs. Actually, the biggest one is a part of a long drawn-out string of setbacks. We started working on replacing all our appliances in our kitchen at the beginning of June. The company we bought them from – hhgregg – has been the worst company we have ever dealt with. We expected to have the whole job done by the end of June. Instead, we are nearing the end of August and STILL don’t even have the last part (a downdraft fan unit for our stove). The downdraft unit has been just one of a series of ridiculous mistakes. We have gone through three different stages on the downdraft: wrong unit purchased in the first place (no vent fan), supposedly ordering the missing fan (only to find out the unit we had required an external fan which wouldn’t work in our setup), and waiting weeks for the correct downdraft unit and fan. We finally got the correct unit on Friday – only to find out upon opening the box a USED and DAMAGED one. I was flabbergasted! And this is after we experienced problems with almost every other element of the original order. Unbelievable. We’ll now be waiting at least a week for them to track down another unit.

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