Work Mixed with Sailing and More Work

It’s been a crazy few days – again. A LOT has been accomplished! But, the list remaining is still scary. We’ve started asking friends to help, and we’re going to need even more help if we’re going to make our schedule.

At the end of last week, we continued working frantically on getting our house ready to sell. We did dozens of tasks and thankfully got help from a few people (Andy, Michael, my daughter, and handymen). The biggest project of the week was emptying everything from the bedrooms and having the second floor carpet cleaned. The cleaners, Stanley Steemer, only took 4 hours to do it all (thanks to our having moved everything out first). And the floor looks much better. We had a weekend at the boat (mostly to do work) planned, so we let the carpet dry all weekend.

Karen, Michael and I got a ton of stuff out of our bonus room (which had been our holding place for lots of junk) down to our garage (which is our new holding place for lots of junk). This moving stuff is like a giant “shell” game. The house may be close to ready by mid-week, but a lot will still be left before it’s ready to show.

We also managed a few boat related tasks during the week, such as: ordering the SSB radio, making sure hydraulic steering project was finished, continuing digital archiving of our medias (photos, movies, music – which we hope to have all done before we leave).

Late Friday Karen and I drove down. Our daughter Trisha, and her boyfriend Michael, came out to the boat as well. And our friend Gerard came to help out with planned boat work.

I spent time over the weekend reading up on maintenance tasks for major components on the boat, and started ordering maintenance kits. The manual for the Maxwell windlass was the most convoluted piece of documentation I’ve ever seen! It took 5 different pages and crazily numbered (out of order) paragraph item numbers to just get the basic maintenance process understood.

On Saturday morning, Gerard and I did some planning for the SSB install and took measurements for the cabling. Trisha worked on cleaning the chrome for the anchor windlass. Michael (and later the rest of us) worked on waxing the top sides of Tahina. We even got the electric buffer out and I worked a while on the ceiling of the bimini in the cockpit. Karen took care of grocery shopping, and prepared meals/snacks for everyone. She also spent time organizing/storing stuff we had brought to the boat.

Got a chain sample from West Marine and confirmed the size. So we ordered a full spool of 400′ of 3/8th HT chain. The anchor is already there waiting. Ordered a number of other items from Defender as well.

About mid-afternoon, we started prepping the boat for a sail. Fortunately, Tropical Storm Danny was past us, leaving relatively nice weather behind. There were some long low swells, but otherwise it was nice. The tide was up, so we went out Carolina Beach Inlet. The hydraulic steering worked just fine (there’s still one glitch in the system though when on autopilot). The macerator pump I fixed a few weeks ago is also working well. We otherwise had a delightful sail – if a bit short. We headed back in after only 1 hour or so of sailing. I’ll share GPS track and a few photos later. Gerard did a thorough fresh water spray down after we docked.

Although we got many tasks completed (thanks Michael, Trisha, and Gerard!), we had some new items on the list: STB bilge pump is having an issue, a deck light is not working, speed log mysteriously cut off while we were sailing, one steering issue remains. Two steps forward, one back. Still, I was thrilled we got so much done – it was so nice having some help.

After the long day, Karen had made a big dinner. We then took everyone to a fudge/ice cream shop on the Carolina Beach Boardwalk. And walked a while on the beach.

Sunday I’ll save for another blog post.

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