Boatyard Progress – September 23

The Tahina boatyard projects are progressing nicely. We’re not on schedule of course, but we have accomplished much. I’m still hopeful we will be close to finish by the middle of next week. The biggest projects have been the hardware installations: SSB radio, satellite system, washer/dryer, and rigging modifications. We also had some fiberglass work which was completed earlier this week. I finished some engine maintenance this week (oil and filters). The final big manual labor project is to thoroughly clean the boat, paint the bottoms with new anti-fouling paint, and wax the entire boat. I can use all the help I can get on these latter projects. Send me an E-mail if you can help.

Here are some photos showing much of the recent work described below:

At this point, the manual labor portions of the SSB and satellite system are nearly complete. Each of these systems required a number of wires to be run throughout parts of the boat – which is the hardest part of the installation. On Thursday, with help from Gerard who came back to help, we will test the SSB installation, and possibly the satellite as well.

This week we completed the grounding plate installation which was critical to both radios. It’s a large piece of bronze/copper plate which is placed under the bolt and attached to two large bronze bolts through the hull. Since the plate is surrounded by water, it provides an electrical ground. We then attach wires for the radios to make the ground.

Then there’s the washer/dryer unit. This turned out to be a MUCH larger project than anticipated. I purchased a unit which fit nicely in a boat just like Tahina after reading positive comments from its owner on his blog. The location is a large storage area towards the bow accessible from the owner cabin shower. I hired some guys at the boatyard to do the installations because of the plumbing and electrical work required. However, after taking measurements they said the unit can’t be put in place without being disassembled (or putting a hole in Tahina). I sent an E-mail to the other owner, and sure enough – he hired someone who had to disassemble it. We contacted his installer – – and they gave us valuable tips on how to perform the process. The entire washer/dryer had to be disassembled, the frame cut, then moved into our shower to be reassembled.

On Wednesday, they completed the move, re-assembly and mounting. They plan to finish plumbing and electricals on Thursday. You can see photos in the slideshow.

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