Boatyard Work – Diving Inside

While we didn’t need scuba gear, we were definitely diving in tight places inside the boat recently. Gerard came by on late-Wednesday and stayed for a day to lend a hand (and tools!) to help with radio installations. While I helped him with that, I also was coordinating the hired help on other projects for Tahina here at the boatyard.

We spent quite a while figuring out how to snake a cable for the satellite antenna to the nav station area. It’s amazing how many nooks and crannies there are on a boat! We had our heads upside down in bilges and cabinets, and arms disappearing around corners feeling for wires and screws. But, fortunately most of the tasks we set out for were accomplished. By the time Gerard left yesterday, we had about half the equipment and lines installed, and most of the rest of the tasks are laid out. I hope to complete what I can today, but we have to wait on shipment of an important item – the ground plate. There was a manufacturing delay, and it didn’t get shipped until yesterday. It should arrive by Monday.

Before Gerard left, we raised the rope antenna I mentioned in the last post, up the mast. This meant I had to go up the mast in a bosun’s chair and attach a pulley block near the top and take up the halyard I bought yesterday to the antenna. I had to resort to temporary steps for this raising due to limited time at the top (the chair cuts off circulation to your legs after a while).

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The slideshow above gives you a taste of the mess we created inside the boat, and what some of the tasks looked like. You’ll also notice that Tahina makes a nice garage for parking cars when its in the boatyard. And finally, check out the shots from the mast of the boatyard.

A special thanks to Gerard for driving from Raleigh and helping out!

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