Family Bon Voyage Party – plus extras

My Mom wanted to put on a family bon voyage party a month early. I thought it was a bit early, but I appreciated her wanting to take on the task. We have a large family, so I was sure it would be a big affair. Little did I know.

It turns out my mom wanted to combine a party with both our Bon Voyage, and the fact Karen and I have birthdays in October. Not only that, but my mom’s real secret agenda was to get married at the event! Fortunately, she decided not to completely surprise us, and let us know about her wedding plan a few weeks before the event. But, it was the best “Bon Voyage/Birthday/Wedding Party” I’ve ever attended. I challenge anyone to say they attended a better one! 🙂
We had the event at a lake shelter – which was a good thing as there was a cold snap and rain to contend with. About 75-100 family members were at the event. We had a great time, and it was really good to see so many family members before we leave on such a long journey. Family came from several states including Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, and from all over North Carolina. We tried to encourage family to plan to visit us on our boat – we have plenty of room, and it is really important to us to share our sailing/traveling experience.

Check out the awesome cake with a picture of Tahina made out of icing:

Bon Voyage Cake for Tahina

The wedding was informal and a lot of fun (just like my mom). A very happy event!

It was great seeing all the family, but there was an underlying sadness knowing that we may not see many of them – in person – for several years. However, we’re going to have to educate a number of them to get a Skype account and web cams so we can do some video chats and at least see each other.

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  1. Ned Prince says:

    Party was great! Sunshine would’ve been better but still had a fantastic time. Awesome seeing everyone. Just can’t wait for the return home party. Be safe cousin 🙂

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