Hard work at the boatyard

This week started the final stages at the boatyard. We have to finish all work required to be done while we are out of the water. This included: changing zincs on the prop, painting the bottoms with new anti-fouling paint, cleaning the props, cleaning the bottom fiberglass, and waxing the bottoms.

Sound like a lot of hard work? It is! It’s now Wednesday morning. Karen arrived Monday afternoon and has been working hard with me on all this. We have finished waxing the lower edges of the hulls (and parts of the sides to the rub rails). We need to put tape on the lower edges to protect from painting. Meanwhile, Karen used a power tool with a special wire brush attachment to clean and polish the props.

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We purchased paint, brushes, and other accessories. Then began prepping the bottoms. We used water and Scotch-Brite brushes to rub clean the bottoms. You have to wet down the bottoms to avoid creating dust which would not be good to inhale. We have 3 sides of the two hulls completed on the bottom rubbing. Very nasty work getting muddy on the ground, and blue paint all over the place (see picture of Frank). And, we polished all the stainless fittings on the lower sides of the boat including the exhaust/raw-water ports for the engines.

After a hard day of work, we took showers and headed out for dinner in town. Today, we hope to finish prepping the bottoms and start painting. If we’re lucky, we’ll finish the painting. We can then start finishing the waxing. I borrowed some scaffolding to help due the sides which would otherwise require lots of ladder moving.

Our goal had been to finish by Wednesday. It looks like we will be 1 or 2 days late. I’m really hoping we can finish by Friday morning. Otherwise we won’t be able to get the yard to use their lifts to put us back in the water until Monday. That would cost us a few days of much needed time for our other preparations.

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