Last week (we hope) at boatyard

Our goal was to be done with the boatyard work by the end of the month. We had a huge list of tasks, but after two weeks of hard work – and a lot of help from the crew at Bill & Roy’s and our friend Gerard – we have accomplished many of the tasks. Only a few of the tasks had to be completed while we are in the boatyard: SSB install (ground plate under the hull), saildrive oil changes, washer/dryer install, fiberglass work, satellite install, anti-foul paint, replace sacrificial zinc anodes, and wash and wax the underside of the boat. The last three items MUST be done in the next few days before we can leave. The cleaning, painting and waxing involve a lot of manual labor.

The good news is that we accomplished many tasks not on the essential list. But a few remaining tasks on our list will have to wait until we get back to Carolina Beach. We have already postponed several maintenance tasks, and a few minor installation items. I hate to postpone anything at this point because it takes time away from our last month of system tests, and final preparations for departure. But, time at the boatyard costs money and its not a fun place to work (with the boat sitting on top of dirt, and we can’t use the head, or air conditioning – which require the boat to be in the water).

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