Radios working!

Thursday was a big day of accomplishment at the boatyard. We finished the SSB install, turned it on, and it worked! We also finished the Satcom install and it turned on as well (but, we’re waiting to activate it with help from Satwest – where we got the unit).

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The final stages of the SSB install were to properly connect the radio to the antenna. We had a wire which needed connectors properly installed. They are notorious for being tricky to get right. And, we actually had some difficulty requiring us to buy a new set before we got it right. One we were done with that, we were ready. I was speculative turning it on, but it came on first try! Preliminary tests look good, but we’re not back in the water yet, so our ground is not effective as it will be. However, our tests show it is working pretty well.

We had been waiting a few days for the satellite antenna mount – it was installed late in the day on Thursday. Bill and Dennis did an excellent job of building a mount that looks attractive on the back port-side arch of Tahina. And, that also came on first try. A lot of hard work over 10 days were behind those successes.

Bill and Dennis also worked on the washer plumbing and completed that part of the install. The last remaining part is making the electric connection.

Gerard was out at the boat assisting and he even helped a bit with boat cleaning. Karen finally got away from house work, and came out – only to end up helping clean “house” on the boat. But, we took both of them out for dinner in Beaufort and relaxed a bit in the evening.

We had the crew from Bill & Roy’s at Jarrett Bay working the washer and antenna projects. We also got SSB advice from Dr. John Greggory at, and Mike at Mike’s Electronics (who we bought the SSB from).

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  1. Jim says:

    Looks like an episode of “This Old Boat”….
    Glad to see things are coming together!

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