Tahina Expedition Presentation

A few months ago, I was approached at our marina in Carolina Beach by someone who was a member of the Cape Fear Sail & Power Squadron. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to safe boating education and promoting high standards of navigation and seamanship. They offer boating courses and free vessel inspections to help make sure you are meeting basic guidelines for safety and US Coast Guard requirements.

It turns out Ed had discovered Tahina via my writings on Google Earth Blog. He wanted to invite us to speak at their organizational meeting in September about the Tahina Expedition. Yesterday, I drove down from the boatyard and brought our VideoRay ROV along for the meeting. They had invited me to have dinner on the river in Wilmington. The river front in Wilmington is a really pretty location. We had a wonderful dinner at the Pilot House Restaraunt with seating right on the river – located here.

The meeting had about 100 people, and it was easy for me to talk to a group of boating enthusiasts about the Tahina Expedition. They had lots of questions afterwards, and I really appreciated the genuine wishes for fair winds and a safe voyage. I had a great time, and I encourage boating enthusiasts in the area to consider joining the group. And I’d like to thank Ed for inviting me, and their Commander Alan for the nice dinner and introduction to downtown Wilmington.

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  1. luv2boat says:

    Thanks for the promotions in your post. It was our pleasure to host you Monday night. Your presentation was a real treat for our members and you left the meeting with several dozen more interested fans and followers. CFSPS looks forward to following you on your journey and you have an open invitation to speak to us again when Tahina returns to Carolina Beach.

  2. Alan Smith says:

    You’re an inspiration to us more inhibited boaters who dream of time on the open ocean but for many reasons only go there vicariously. The blend of enthusiasm and careful preparation illustrated in your presentation to the Cape Fear Sail and Power Squadron this week showed us what it takes to do some serious boating and enjoy it. I’ll look forward to news of your voyage and “lessons learned” in your blog. Thanks for making us part of your departure process — hope to see you on return. Alan Smith, Cdr Cape Fear

  3. P/C Nita Neumeister, AP* says:

    We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and will be following you on your trip Skipper Taylor!! I’ve heard nothing but wonderful comments from our membership about the program you presented and we’re so happy Ed found you in Joyner Marina!! Get that VSC check and let’s get you a big send off when you leave and get it covered by the local newspapers!! It will be good for all concerned and get us more safe boaters on the water – especially among our youngsters!! You have a wonderful personality for relating to them and can spread the word!! Worldwide!! Boating is Fun – We’ll Show you How!!
    P/C Nita Neumeister, AP* (Membership Chairman CFS&P Sqdn & D/27 USPS)

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