Will the House Ever Be Ready?

This one will go down as one of the funniest incidents during our preparations. But, it seemed awful to me at the time it happened. We had planned to leave by 9 AM on Sunday to head back home and try as hard as possible to have the house ready by Tuesday for photos by the real estate firm. Karen was going to work on some wall paper issues in one of the rooms. I got Karen up and she proceeded to get ready. As we were finishing up packing, I noticed Karen was getting lethargic. As we got to the car, I noticed she was alarming woozy. I asked her “What’s Wrong?”. She said: “Umm…I accidentally took a sleeping pill this morning.” I was dumbfounded and said “OMG!”. My daughter came running over to ask what was wrong and I said: “She took a sleeping pill, and she’s going to be sleeping the rest of the day!” It turns out she had picked out the wrong bottle when rushing to get up. That’s the first time she ever made that mistake.

Needless to say, I was worried about our plans on Sunday for the house. On the way back, I called Karen’s friend Laurie – who usually helps her with wall paper projects and is a pro at them – and she immediately offered to come over and help. Karen was already asleep by the time I started the car to leave the marina. She didn’t even remember anything about the drive home including getting into bed. Laurie came over shortly after we arrived and already made significant progress by the time Karen woke up. Karen slept until about 3 PM, but was up and helping soon after. Whew! We worked until midnight.

By the end of the day Sunday, it was clear to me we weren’t going to be ready on Tuesday. On Monday, the real estate agent came over and she agreed with my assessment. So, we are going to wait another week.

It is now Wednesday, and we are tremendously further along. However, there are still several sizeable projects left. And, there is STILL junk left in the house! I have run at least 8 trips in the last few days with the pickup truck to either the dump/recycling facility, our storage facility, or to the goodwill store. And, still we have junk. I never want a big house again! Besides, after living on a boat for five years, we expect even a small house will seem huge.

Thank God for friends! We’ve had several friends over the last couple of days, and its really made a difference. Special thanks to Andy, Gerard, Laurie, Fred, Michael, and Jeri. We also had our painter, Fredy, over to do some touch-ups (he’ll be back I’m sure). My current hope is that we will be 95% ready with the house by Friday. I have to go down to the boat on Friday to pick up the new anchor and rode (chain). Saturday I plan to install the new hook on Tahina.

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