EarthNC Partners with Tahina Expedition logoThe Tahina Expedition has actually been working with EarthNC for years. EarthNC is a service for boaters that provides all kinds of nautical data (charts, weather, information on nautical events, and more), for use with computers and, more importantly, with Google Earth. Even before we bought Tahina, we used EarthNC’s electronic charts with Google Earth on a sailing trip to the BVIs we made in 2007. And EarthNC was used on our first passage of Tahina back in August 2008. EarthNC’s founder, Virgil Zetterlind, has been working to help Tahina Expedition develop some unique Google Earth content which you’ll be seeing in the coming weeks. And, we plan to use data and tools EarthNC provides as we travel around the world.

Screenshot of Google Earth, nautical charts and EarthNC

So, welcome EarthNC as a Tahina Expedition partner! You will find them on our new partners page where we will be listing a few select partners who will be involved with the Tahina Expedition during the next five years of our circumnavigation.

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  1. luv2boat says:

    EarthNC is how I found out about you, Karen, and the Tahina Expedition. This past Spring I was searching for ways to use NOAA charts, Google Earth, and a GPS for live navigating and tracking while on North Carolina’s Atlantic Coast when I came across EarthNC. Seems they were several years ahead of me and had everything nicely packaged. They also had examples of its use and practicality – Tahina Expedition was used as a good example. Small world.

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