Good time on Saturday – Now its crunch time!

Last week a lot of our focus was getting the boat cleaned up and organized. Not only to prepare for the departure, but also for the little social (a small bon voyage) we held at the marina on Saturday. We had invited a few friends and folks from the marina to come down and see the boat. The event turned out really well (despite having a lot of rain at the start – but, we had a small enough group initially to fit everyone inside).

We had a nice lunch with just the right number of folks who could fit inside while it rained. Then the sun came out and some of the other guests from Raleigh came. From 2-4 PM we had invited other boaters in the area and the marina staff to come see Tahina. About 25 people got tours and it we really enjoyed sharing our new home with people. Almost everyone seemed impressed with our layout and features.

The rest of the weekend I spent working on our new computer setup. We have a new base computer for the nav station which will serve the navigation software on the main screen. We decided to upgrade to Windows 7, and had to use the XP emulation mode to install the nav software (which hasn’t been upgraded to Windows 7 yet). Fortunately, the software installed and runs fine (although there’s something weird with the network parameters). It took about 4-5 hours to get everything running smoothly Saturday night.

Sunday I spent a good portion of the day testing the SSB and setting up for E-mail. Unfortunately, things are still not working properly. This is a critical function for the trip, so I have to get this working when we get back to the boat.

We’re leaving today to head back to our home and try to complete our move out of the house. We still have a couple of truckloads of things that need removing to the boat, storage, dump, or give away. We hope to do this within about 2-3 days. Wish us luck on that!

There’s also still a long, but actually shrinking, list of other tasks that have to be completed before departure. I’m currently thinking we may be done with the bulk of the tasks by early next week. We will still have some more boat testing to do before we can begin weather planning for our actual departure. All critical boat systems must be tested and working before we will be ready. So, I’m guessing the end of next week will be the earliest. That’s only about 4-5 days off our original schedule.

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  1. luv2boat says:

    Saturday’s gathering aboard Tahina was a good time indeed. Cyndee and I enjoyed meeting your Cary friends and seeing Tahina in tip top shape. Thanks for the invitation and hospitality. – Ed

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