Some photos and video

I’ve been working on processing photos and video this morning. Below is a slideshow of photos from the Beaufort anchorage during some sunsets/moonrise. And, some photos from our passage off the coast of North Carolina (about 15 miles off shore). I’m also uploading a short video (see below) showing some of the sailing (which show how it can get a bit bouncy when going 8 knots on choppy seas).

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And here is the video clips showing us sailing Tahina 15 miles offshore. We were going about 8-10 knots in choppy seas. The ride wasn’t as bad as it looks:

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2 Responses to Some photos and video

  1. Volker K says:

    Great video! Just one experience I made with videos shot from a sailboat:
    If you attach the camera to the boat (Gorillapod or so) while shooting, the situation is easier to estimate for the viewers later. Only the horizon, the sea and the sails then move.
    Are these windows so close to the waterline really tight? I mean, really really? 😉

  2. Taylor, FS, III says:

    Your first set of pics are actually very good, considering that you were dealing with new kite logistics, etc. Resolution appears good – will pull some up and run through Photoshop to check. Thought the higher aerials were pretty sharp, expecially the ones looking north on the waterway. Really look forward to any higher ones. Don’t know what kind of camera rig you’re using, but know it probably has weight restrictions. Know your “completion list” is long, so don’t want to busy your schedule more at this time.

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