Still Prepping

We stayed a day longer than expected at the house clearing things out. We have been gathering the last remaining load to take to the boat. The load is too big though. I’m hoping this morning we can re-evaluate the pile and eliminate a bunch of things we won’t really need for the trip. After cleaning out this house for the past several weeks, I think too much stuff is a bad thing! Besides, we don’t want to overload Tahina – it will literally slow her down. Catamarans are very weight sensitive.

We have run dozens of errands this week trying to complete all the tasks we need to do on the home front. Lots of trips to the post office, bank, stores, DMV, dive shop, etc. And, we spent many hours day and night filing papers and clearing out the house. Several trips to our storage, goodwill, and the dump. We’re going to need at least one more trip home next week to take care of last minute items, and complete the house work.

Yesterday we went to the dive shop and got our air tanks filled and picked up a couple of other items (a shorty wet suit and an underwater light). The guys at Down Under Surf and Scuba in Cary have been great working with us over the years. We’ve used them exclusively for the past 10+ years.

We hope to load up the truck and other car and head down to the boat later this morning. But, the computer is currently backing up a hard drive which may, or may not, finish in 3 hours (I started it last night). We have enough stuff to load it may take us that long to load anyway.

This weekend we’ll be working hard to get all the new junk stored. My main goal is to test all the new systems. We need to verify the SSB is working properly, test data communications with the satellite, install new firmware in the chart plotter, and finish testing the computer network.

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