Tahina Expedition in the Local Papers

The Tahina Expedition has appeared now in two newspapers: our home local paper, and the local paper where we keep Tahina down in Wilmington, North Carolina. They took photographs of us while we were in the dive shop for the first one, and on the back of Tahina for the latter.

You can read the first story by Jordan Cooke of the Cary News titled: “Come Sail Away”. Make sure you check out the photo (which appeared on the front page of the paper) showing Frank in a wet suit.

You can read the second story by Si Cantwell of the Wilmington StarNews titled“Here Now – Cary couple set for 5-year sailing trip around the world”. I really like this story and the fact he made sure to point out the URL to our web site! It has a photo of the two of us sitting on the back of Tahina with our feet dangling over the water.

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2 Responses to Tahina Expedition in the Local Papers

  1. luv2boat says:

    Great articles and good publicity for your expedition. Hope they draw more hits to your blog. There should be at least one more article written – in a Carolina Beach magazine. I spoke to a member in our local boating club whom often writes ariticles for the magazine. She said she would try to write an article before you leave. Let’s hope she does.

  2. Susan says:

    Wow these articles are great! I can’t wait to keep up with your wonderful journeys, even though I do worry about you guys out on that wide open sea! I love you both and will miss you!

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