Tahina Expedition Weather Partner: ClearPoint® Weather

A critical part of sailing safely around the world is to carefully plan your route according to the weather. Weather routing is dependent on two main factors: good weather data, and good weather decision making by the mariner. Today mariners have vastly superior data available thanks to advances in satellites collecting data on our weather, improvements in computer modeling for weather forecasts, and the availability of data through the Internet and onboard weather software.

ClearPoint Weather logoRecently I was introduced to the team at ClearPoint® Weather (www.clearpointweather.com) and after a brief discussion with them about the Tahina Expedition, we were soon offered a partnership and access to the ClearPoint Weather software and weather data services. This is an invaluable tool for Tahina that will enable us to more quickly understand the weather around the globe, and make more accurate decisions about our routes. It is a data-rich, professional product that provides pro’s and novices alike with weather analysis that is easy to read, understand, and plan by.

Screenshots from Clearpoint Weather
ClearPoint is a sister company to Weather Decision Technologies Inc, (www.wdtinc.com), a WDI company, which created some great real-time global weather data for Google Earth. It was in conversations with WDT about the plans for Tahina Expedition that I learned about ClearPoint Weather.

We are very grateful to be using the same weather software and data used by top around-the-world sailing competitors. Expect to see in our blog some examples of the weather data from ClearPoint that we use to make our decisions as we prepare for passages. We welcome Clearpoint Weather as our weather partners!

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  1. Intracoastalbob says:

    I’ve allways wanted to sail around the world so I will follow your voyage with great interest.

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