Tahina is back in the water!

After two and a half weeks of hard work, with a long list of accomplishments, Tahina finally went back in the water on October 1st at about 5 PM. Karen and I worked side by side all week finishing some pretty intensive manual labor including: waxing the sides and underside of the boat, scrubbing the bottoms of the two hulls, and finally painting the bottoms. There were also numerous side projects and several trips into town to buy parts and supplies.

A couple of other boaters in the yard heard about our plans on Monday to leave by Wednesday and said we would be lucky to be done in 10 days. But, we managed to complete the bulk of the projects by Thursday. We postponed a few smaller projects since they didn’t require being in the boatyard and out of the water.

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Here are a few pictures of the final stages. The boatyard wanted to get us in the water on Thursday because they had a full slate of other boats on Friday. So, we had to rush to finish up on Thursday afternoon. But, you can see the progress in some of the pictures. Warning: you should definitely put protective clothing when applying anti-fouling paint! And, masks when working with the wax are also a must. If we ever do the painting ourselves again (a big maybe) we’ll definitely get completely covered. That paint is nasty stuff.

On Wednesday, after a particularly hard day of painting, we had a nice dinner with the couple who own “Don’t Look Back” – John and Bobby Jo. We went to the venerable old Clawson’s at Beaufort Town for dinner.

After we got back in the water, the first thing we did was check the new thru-hull holes for the ground-plate. No leaks! That was a big relief – otherwise we would have had to pull out to fix it. We immediately left Jarrett Bay Boatyard and headed down the ICW to Beaufort to anchor. Along the way, we were very pleased with how fast Tahina was with her clean bottoms. We were easily going 1 to 1.5 knots faster on one engine at lower RPMs than before.

It’s a shame we were rushed after dropping anchor. We had to immediately get the dinghy out because our friends on Don’t Look Back came to pick us up so we could go get our cars. Karen was leaving to drive home to manage some business at home.

All I can say is we were thrilled to be done with the boatyard, and back in the water. We think Jarrett Bay is a great facility, but Tahina is meant to be in the water!

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  1. Bruce Morrison says:

    I had the pleasure to see “Tahina” from the Beaufort docks this morning. The boat looks great & the “Taylor Tag Team” deserves all the credit. I passed you many times in the yard while you were here at Jarrett Bay only to see two very focused people. I am glad to have met the Tahina” family & wish you well on your adventure. I must say I am jealous. We aill be following you on Google Earth……..Bruce Morrison

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